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Hello Folks,

It's Gerald in sunny Jacksonville, Florida! Welcome & Thanks for visiting my website.

I recently put this website together because I get asked this question ALL of the time... "Gerald, what business are you promoting?" and I'd answer "Well, I'm promoting MY business". A lot of people are a little puzzled when I answer the question that way - they're like "What do you mean?". I go into more depth as to what I truly mean when I say that HERE. But, in short I tell people that I advertise Online & Offline EVERYDAY to promote MY business. My business just so happens to be made up of quite a few other businesses. Some of the businesses I'm involved in are very important parts and are necessary for me to run my business. The other businesses I've exclusively chosen to be partnered with in order to earn an income from home.

I hope I haven't confused you. But, if I have that's okay because I put this website together to visually explain what I mean by when I say my business is made up of other businesses. I'm pretty sure 99% of you are in the same boat - you just don't look at it or haven't viewed it in this way.

What I'm giving you here is an "Under The Hood" look at my business. I want you to see how my business is laid out and what it takes for me to run it daily. A lot of people won't do this - I think being transparent gives people a better idea of what they should or could be doing in their own business.

So, the image you see above is what my business looks like when it is mapped out on a sheet of paper. As you can see my business has quite a few working parts and it is made up of multiple business programs...

I advertise my offers using the following resources...

The following advertising sources are my "TOP 6" that I use to promote my business...

I have to say that without advertising I would not have a business. And as obvious as that sounds I personally know people who join business opportunity after business opportunity and never set-up advertising campaigns to promote them. No one would be able to find my business if I didn't advertise. I guess you can say "Advertising" is the fuel for my business' engine.

I'm always looking for new ways to advertise too, but I have chosen what I call are my TOP 6 Advertising Methods. Some of them are common and some of them you may not be familiar with. I also look for and test other advertising methods to increase traffic for my business.

What's important about my advertising is that I'm taking the time to do it. I can have a list of all the advertising methods I want, but if I'm not using these advertising methods daily or weekly my business will go nowhere.
This is a list of the businesses within "My Business"...

My Primary Offers - I chose these offers using a comprehensive criteria...
WYP Network ThisIsNotMLM

My Secondary Offers - I also chose these offers using a more relaxed criteria...
Two Step Method Free Money E4S

My Operational Offers - these are offers that are vital to running my business...

My Product Offers - these are products that I sell online & offline...
Attraction Marketing Formula 4Corners

Most of us have been and currently are involved in numerous businesses to make money. I've jumped from business to business in the past thinking the next one was going to be it - not really understanding I was only hurting myself by not giving myself time to build any of them.

I finally stopped jumping around and started focusing on building my business. A part of that took me developing myself into a business-minded professional and not someone that was treating my business like a weekend hobby. Now, I spend money on all kinds of business training, I go to business seminars, I read an assortment of business related books, watch business related training videos, train with business mentors, etc.

Now, my business is made up of many other businesses, but they all serve a purpose. I have 3 categories my businesses fall into: Primary, Secondary and Operational.

I chose my Primary businesses based on a detailed criteria... The People (Team), the Training & Support, the Product, the Marketing, and the Compensation Plan were at the top of my list for being most important to me when I made my decision to join.

The Secondary businesses in my business I chose the same way I chose my primary businesses - except, I chose them based on "cost to join". They had to be affordable for most people and so they are mostly "Low Ticket" programs.

My Operational businesses were easy to choose. I needed them in my business whether I could earn money with them or not. It was just great that they had some form of affiliate program attached to them - so that works out.

My "Training & Tools/Resources" and much more!

I am currently using these Training & Tools/Resources in my business... Attraction Marketing Formula MentoringForFree

This is an area of my business that will constantly grow and where you will just see more and more information added to it. It is so important to Learn and Grow in your business. I'm always reading, watching or listening to something that will help me in my business and in my personal life.

I'm actually not finished with adding all of the information I need to place here - so, check back to see what else I've used or I'm using to Learn and Grow :)

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