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Dear Visitor,

You already know that you need a steady supply of leads to present your different business offers to. There are so many ways to get leads these days that it can get downright "Mind-Boggling" as far as what to do about getting leads, but there is a way to get an endless source of leads and only pay $15 bucks for it. I'd like to introduce you to a lead source I'm currently using - the MLM Recruit On Demand System!

Now you're in business!...

When you join the MLM Recruit On Demand System you'll get access to the back-office in the image below. This is where your leads are stored that you get with this Lead System. Whenever you need to grab some leads to send your offer(s) to - just head to your "Contact Manager"!

That's my back-office in the image below. This is where I get access to...

  • The MLM Recruit On Demand "Home Study Program" (over 12 Video training modules)
  • Full PDF Downloads of all scripts that are proven to get prospects to say yes to taking a look at what ever I'm promoting!
  • My own personal Autoresponder and Contact Manager.
  • 100 Network Marketing Leads (They start you off with 100 leads).
  • Access to the Unlimited Leads For Life Program (I get 100 more leads every time I call all of my leads and keep notes in the Contact Manager - they do this over and over for me!).
  • And a few more "Surprise Bonuses" for building and training people in my business.
But, most important - this is where I manage my leads. I never get more leads then I can handle. I even get training to help me effectively contact my leads to increase my sales and much more.

In your contact manager you will see that it is already loaded with leads just waiting to be contacted by you. When you're done with those leads, just send a request to "Support" for more leads! Remember, you get leads for life!

To watch a short video (2mins 27secs) about "How You Get UNLIMITED Leads For Life" - CLICK HERE

The nature of these leads is that they have experience in the work form home industry - so, this gives you a very high quality lead to approach about your business opportunity offer.

The contact manager allows you to keep notes about the status of your leads as you reach out to them with your business opportunity offer(s). The information you get about your leads is their...

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company
This information gives you a couple of ways to contact your leads and gives you a little insight as to what company they are or were involved in. These leads are the perfect audience for just about ANY offer you have.

But, what do you and your leads have in common? They are more than likely in the same boat as you and are in need of more leads for their business or the other offer(s) they are promoting - why not introduce them to the MLM Recruit On Demand System! They will definitely see the value in your offer and you get to make a cool $15 bucks with the opportunity to earn even more if they decide to upgrade in the back-office with the other lead services.

NEW! Google Search Tool for Leads!

This option was just added in the back-office. This tool allows you to search and gather leads from Google Searches.

Watch the video below for details...

If you decide to start promoting this system you'll have access to several "Landing/Capture Pages" to promote the MLM Recruit On Demand System with. This entire Lead System can fund the building of your "Primary Business" and can even help you make extra money with multiple offers you send to your leads!

I'm using this Lead System to drive prospects to several offers myself. I'm using all of the landing/capture pages that you see in the image below. Did I mention that for every person that opts-in to your landing/capture pages you'll get 5 more leads added to your contact manager? This Lead System is just awesome!

I just wanted to quickly introduce you to the Lead System I'm using to grow my business and give you another option to help build your business. But, don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!

Just click on the link below and opt-in to my landing/capture page (They'll send me 5 more leads when you opt-in!) You'll be taken to my MLM Recruit On Demand System Sales Page where you can watch a short video detailing this whole Lead System. Then, you can grab your own Lead System! For $15 Bucks you simply won't find anything better!

Gerald Walker Jr.

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*Every effort has been made to accurately represent this lead system. Please remember that each individuals success with this lead system depends on his or her diligence, dedication, desire and motivation. There is no guarantee of results with this lead system.

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