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I don't like fluff so I'm going to get straight to the point...

"Your Business Is Not Your Business"???

Is that confusing? Well, let me go into an explanation...

Everyday thousands of people are joining or jumping into different business opportunities with the hopes of making money. A huge percentage of them will fail over and over again for a number of reasons. Now, we could say they failed because they weren't developing themselves into leaders, they weren't staying consistent with the daily tasks in their business, they allowed themselves to get distracted with other opportunities and so on.

But, it really boils down to the fact that they were or are going about it all wrong.

If you are just focusing on promoting the business you just signed up for... you are setting yourself up for failure.

The 1st Problem... is you have no control over that business. If the company that is running the business opportunity decides to close their doors, cancels your membership, gets into trouble with the law, etc. you lose or your out of business. That actually happens quite a bit - look at Zeek Rewards! 

Most of the business opportunities people get involved with tie your hands as far as how you can market their business anyways. Businesses make changes everyday that can affect you and the other people that are involved.

Speaking of the other people - how can you stand out of the crowd of people who are promoting the same thing? Pretty hard to do - especially against more experienced marketers.

Which leads me to the 2nd Problem... most people don't have a marketing system that allows them to stand out of the crowd to get noticed.

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There are a number of reasons to point out your lack of control. The point I'm trying to make is that YOU never have control and your stuck trying to figure out what to do next.

So, what do you do?

Well, first you need to understand what your business is really about. Is your business about that new weight-loss company you joined? Is your business about the "New" all-in-one marketing system you signed up for?

The answer is NO - your business is not about any of those things. Yeah, those biz opps, products, and services are vehicles to help you make money, but is that what your business is really about?

So, what is your business?

Your business is YOU. More to the point, your business is the Marketing YOU do everyday.

Biz opps, products, and services come and go. The only thing that stays constant is YOU. So, why would you want to build your business around something that will only be around for a year or two? You should be building your business around yourself and using these biz opps, products, and services to pay yourself an income.

That is what I mean by saying "You business is not your business". Your "True" business is YOU and the online identity you establish, the articles you write, the videos you cut, the postcards you mail out, the classified ads you post, the emails you send out, and finally the mailing list you are building a relationship with.

It seems like a lot people who are trying to work from home aren't performing any of those tasks I just named.

This is why many are faced with these Two Major Problems that force many work-at-home people to give up:

1. Lack of Leads
2. Lack of Sales ($Money)

In order to start solving those two problems you MUST have a daily/weekly routine for advertising!

You need to be generating YOUR OWN leads and have a source for Quality Leads you can purchase. Generating your own leads puts you in the driver's seat and will also help build your confidence, but it can take time to generate a consistent flow of leads. Having a good source for leads you can purchase gives you the ability to take massive action with your advertising. (I recommend the MLM Recruit On Demand System for your source of leads - you pay a one-time $15 fee and you get an UNLIMITED supply leads!)

Having a marketing system that is running 24/7/365 advertising your business for you is your key to success.

Every business lives and dies by the effectiveness and consistency of its marketing. If your ad copy is not effective you won't get a lot of customers or sales, If your not marketing consistently you won't get a lot customers or sales, and so on. The good thing about this is YOU have control over it. If you ads aren't effective, learn what's wrong and improve them! If you're not consistently advertising, create a schedule to help track your advertising efforts! Remember, YOU are in control!

Your Business should be MARKETING!!! - in which you are constantly promoting things that help other people. Helping people "To Make Money From Home" is one topic you could be marketing.

The "Work At Home" industry is a people business. You cannot get around connecting with people in some way to make money. This doesn't mean you have to talk to everyone or become a well-known guru - it just means people need to know that you are someone they can get to Know, Like & Trust (This is why you need your own website that gives you an online identity) and that you are there to show them how to make money from home. Face it, that is what most biz opp seekers want. They want to join someone that they can relate to on some level. This is how they get to Know, Like, & Trust you and that is when you start closing sales, getting sign-ups, etc.

You shouldn't just be promoting any one particular business opportunity upfront, you should be promoting the opportunity to make money with YOU, which is your "Marketing Message". This means using promotional media like videos, classified ads, postcards, etc. that are drawing people in to learn more about making money with YOU. Once you capture a persons attention you can introduce pretty much any business opportunity to them that you want. As long as you can show them how to make money with it you win!

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The following marketing strategies, online & offline, will help you combine different marketing methods for the purpose of making your marketing efforts more efficient and just as effective or more - Kill two birds with one stone!

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