Over 250,000+ people a month are searching for a way to make money from home.

You’ve most likely arrived here at my website because you are a part of that statistic.

Maybe you're looking for another job, you're tired of living check to check and want to build some savings, you’re under-employed and looking to make some extra money, you’re unemployed and you need to work, or you’re just not satisfied with what you do to earn a living.

Whatever the case may be, I am here to show you EXACTLY how to make at least $200 a day online to ultimately build a $500,000 nest egg - plain and simple.

Time is money - so let's get to it...

I'll keep this straight to the point and B.S. free.

I'm not going to give you some "Rags to Riches" story because I know you’ve probably seen enough stories about how everyone is making thousands every week online...

Telling rags to riches stories is a marketing tactic used to get people to take action and it works. But, if you’re like me you want to get down to “How You” can have your own rags to riches story, RIGHT?

But, if you plan on sitting around and waiting for someone to make that happen for you – you are going to be waiting forever. You owe it to yourself to build your own wealth. We still live in a country that gives us the freedom to pursue that.

Okay Here's The Deal...

I'm about to share some information with you that will show you exactly how to become financially independent and to start living a life without any financial restrictions.

Money isn’t everything, but it does allow you to pursue a life that can give you everything you ever wanted!

I have been using a simple program that can help YOU (and anyone else) earn a very nice income from the comfort of home - and you can get started as soon as today.

Similar programs have been proven by various, highly respected U.S., TV and Radio Programs as being 100% legal, feasible and factual. There were even features about similar programs on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "ABC's 20/20". The point is that it works.

If a 15 year old can make $71,000.00 in just 5 weeks – SO CAN YOU!

First, let's cover briefly what this program is not:

  • This is NOT a "PYRAMID SCHEME"
  • This is NOT "MLM" (Although there is nothing wrong with legitimate MLM's)
  • This is NOT some "Get Rich Quick Scheme"
  • This is NOT a "Gifting" program (Although gifting is legal, when done properly)
Just wanted to get that out of the way. I want you to feel comfortable about the information you are about to receive knowing that it is not going to lead into something you really don't want to be involved in.

So... I came across a letter several years ago stating that anyone could make thousands of dollars within weeks with a VERY LOW investment by simply charging people a fee to be added to a mailing list.

I included a copy of the text from the 2nd page of that letter below to refresh your memory of that letter. You've probably seen this letter hundreds of times.


"The Letter (2nd Page)"




The following information will be very beneficial for you!

Dear Friend,

Greetings! I am a retired attorney. Approximately 2 years ago a man came to me with a letter similar to this one. He asked me to verify in fact the letter was legal. I told him I would review it and get back to him. When I first read the letter a week and a half later, we met in my office to discuss the issue. I told him the letter he had brought me was not 100% legal and I advised him to make a small change to the letter so it would be.

I was still curious about the letter, so he explained how it works. I thought it was a long shot and decided against participating. However, before my client left I asked him to keep me updated as to his results. About 2 months later he called to tell me he received over $800,000.00 in CASH! I did not believe him. He suggested that I try his idea to see for myself. I thought about it for a couple of days and decided I had nothing to lose, so I asked him for a copy of the revised letter (This One). I followed the instructions EXACTLY, mailed out 200 copies and sure enough the money started arriving! It came slowly at first, but after 3 weeks, I was getting more and more mail. More mail than I could open in a day. After about 3 months the money stopped coming in. I kept a precise record of my earnings and at the end it totaled $968,493.00!

I was earning a good living as an attorney, however, as everyone in the legal profession will tell you, there is a lot of stress that comes with this job. I told myself if things worked out I would retire and play golf. I decided to try the letter again, but this time I sent out 500 letters. Well, 3 months later my income was $2,344,178.00!!! It was unbelievable. I met my old client for lunch to tell him how it all went and how well it worked! He told me there are a number of letters similar to this one out there, but this is the only LEGAL letter that worked. The fact alone resulted in many more returns. The other fact is that the whole program is completely legitimate and legal. You don't have to worry about participating in something illegal.

I'll assume by now you are curious to know what little change I told him to make to the original letter. Well, if you send a letter like this one out, to be legal you must be selling something. If you expect to receive a dollar. I told him that anyone sending him a dollar must receive something in return. So, when you send a dollar to each person on the list, you MUST include a slip of paper with the words: "PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO YOUR MAILING LIST". This is the key to the program. Be honest and this will work for you and everyone.


So, that was the letter I received. It had 3 pages - a cover page, page 2 above, and then an instruction page. I tried it and had success with it. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the letter. Many forms of it are still are being promoted and they still make money for people that participate.

But, after carefully studying this letter and the entire program in it - I discovered that there was an important business building component at the root of it.

Now, any experienced Internet Marketer will tell you that you need to be doing the following to truly build a business from home...

  • Spending money on advertising
  • Placing classified ads online or offline
  • Paying for additional resources such as hosting and autoresponders
  • Promoting products as an affiliate
  • Generating traffic (website visitors)
  • Building a mailing list
  • Recruiting new people
  • Building websites or blogs
All of these tasks are ways that can help you make you money from home and there are even more business building tasks out there for you to do, but do you really need ALL of it to start making money from home today?

NO, you don't - you can gradually add all that stuff to your business later on.

What You Need To Do Right Now...

At a minimum, you need to start 1) Placing Ads and 2) Building a List

What this letter and the program within it helps people to do is to Build a Massive List of people. These people are people who have responded and paid you a fee to be added to your list. So, not only do you build a list, but people are paying you to be a part of this list.

By now, all of you should know how important a "List" is to any business owner. People refer to this list several different ways - for example some people call it a "Contact List", or an "Email List", or a "Lead List" and I'm sure there are many more names for this list. I'm going to refer to it as your "Mailing List". Having a mailing list of people who have responded to some form of communication from you is pure GOLD!

Having a list of people who have responded to you allows you to advertise different products and services to that list and make money. You can simply send out an email or a postcard with an offer and make sales from your list over and over. If you are building a mailing list that contains email addresses you can send to thousands of people for free!

After discovering the power of the whole letter and program inside I decided to start my own mailing list business. I charge a $20 fee to be added to my mailing list. I collect as much information from people joining my list - like a full name, mailing address, email address, phone number, etc.

To advertise my Mailing List Business I mainly use FREE Online Classified Ads at a site called Backpage.com to advertise this program, which you all should know that by now :)

Using FREE Online Classified Ads can quickly help you build your mailing list, which will increase the amount of $20 fees you receive.

What Is This Program Really About?

With this program you are providing a service - a choice for interested people to join your mailing list to receive valuable information & offers from you. People are requesting to be added to this mailing list for a fee of $20.00 dollars. It's that simple!

And, just in case you're wondering - it is 100% legal to charge people a fee to be added to your mailing list.

You don't have to participate in the program to join the mailing lists of the mailing list owners. You just pay the fees and you are added to their mailing lists to receive valuable information & offers from them.

If you do want to participate I will give you instructions on how to promote your own "Mailing List" business to build a list of people who want to receive valuable information and promotions from you.

What I love about this program is that I'm pretty much in control it. Now, I could never say I'm in total control because I depend other services (free services) for this program to run. I am in control as far as no one can close the doors on me (As long as I'm continuing to do everything legally), my money comes straight to me (Very Important), and the mailing list I build is 100% mine (This is probably the biggest asset in your business!). There are very few home businesses that can offer that!

Let's Do Some Math...

The following is an example of what could happen if you just posted ads at an online classified site one time and others decided to do the exact same thing you are doing after being added to your mailing list. This IS NOT a guarantee of results you can expect to have. *Your results depend on how consistently you work the program.

We're going to use a response from 8 people on each level for each advertiser to illustrate the possible earnings. Remember, the more ads you post the more exposure you get:

When you post 200 Ads, 8 people will send a total of..............................$160

Those 8 
post 200 Ads, 64 people will send a total of............................$1,280

Those 64 
post 200 Ads, 512 people will send a total of......................$10,240

Those 512 
post 200 Ads, 4,096 people will send a total of.................$81,920

Those 4,096 
post 200 Ads, 32,768 people will send a total of..........$655,360

THE TOTAL INCOME RECEIVED...............................................$748,960.00

At this point in the example above you will have moved through each position ending up in the #5 position. You will have received over $700,000.00+ in CASH from people paying $20.00 to join your list!!!

The example above was just for participating "one-time". What if you continued to participate? You would just keep repeating what you're doing - Advertising. You could have a steady stream of cash coming in because you are getting "NEW" people joining your mailing list and paying a $20 fee to do so. This could turn into a very nice income stream!

What if you get 10, 15, or 20 people to participate and advertising their link with your name & address on it - You will receive $20 fees for people signing up to your list from their efforts! That is what we call Passive Income!

The example above is just to give you an illustration of how the program works. It is not a guarantee of your results. We all know people do things in their own time so you could get procrastinators who decide to participate a couple of weeks or months down the road or they never participate. But, you could get people who see how powerful this program is and jump on it right away! Your job is to just keep advertising!




Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully and EXACTLY as they are written:

STEP ONE... Immediately request to be added to the mailing lists of each of the 5 mailing list owners below on this website. You will mail them a note that reads: "PLEASE ADD MY NAME TO YOUR MAILING LIST" then, write your "Full Name", "Mailing Address", & "Email Address" on the note. You will pay a $20.00 fee for each mailing list you join - 5 total. So, you'll pay out $100.00 all together to join these mailing lists. Just wrap a $20.00 USPS Money Order in each letter. Be sure to use security envelopes when you mail your Letters & Money Orders.

STEP TWO... As soon as you mail your fees to be added to the 5 mailing lists... Send your Full Name and Mailing Address to The500KLetter@Gmail.com to let me know you are participating - There is a one-time $25 fee to pay the "Monitor" of the program. The Monitor confirms ALL payments are made and will put a website together for you just like the website you're on now once your fees to all 5 mailing list owners are Paid & Confirmed. Your website will be personalized with your information. The name in the number one (#1) position is replaced with your name. Each name is then moved down one position (#1 becomes #2, #2 becomes #3, and so on). The name in the #5 position is dropped off. 

STEP THREE... If you are going to participate in the program to start building your own mailing list, then you'll need to advertise. The two methods I primarily use are FREE  Online Classified Ads  and Postcard Marketing. Postcard Marketing will add an up front expense to your new business - so, I recommend using free online classified ads to get started. I have added a link to BackPage.com and I will add a few more soon. Just go to the link and follow the instructions for creating an account to post ads out of. Click on the image below to go to BackPage.com...

STEP FOUR... Next, you can use the same ads I use to post at online free classified sites like BackPage.com. To get access to the ads - CLICK HERE

STEP FIVE... If you're ready to start using postcards - CLICK HERE


The 5 Mailing List Owners...

Below are the names of the owners of the mailing lists you are requesting to be added to. Please Send A $20.00 USPS Money Order Payable To Each Of The Mailing List Owners Listed Below By Mail. 

*Remember to include a note saying: 


Your mailing list that you will be building will be a very valuable asset to you when you start promoting other products and services :)

ONLY use U.S.P.S. MONEY ORDERS when paying your $20 fee. U.S.P.S. MONEY ORDERS never expire and are backed by the Federal Government. Wrap the USPS Money Order with the "Note" you're sending. Use "Security Envelopes" that can be seen through.


#1 - Keisha W., 3148 Thomas Street, Jacksonville, FL 32254 (904-428-8040)

#2 - Gerald W., 3148 Thomas Street, Jacksonville, FL 32254 




*If you are living in an apartment, or your renting a home, or you move often, get a P.O. Box or Private Mailbox. This way you will receive your requests to be added to your mailing list and the $20 fee when it is mailed out by people who participate.

Tips To Help You In Your New Business...

Here are several tips to help you in your new business venture:

  1. Start posting your online classified ads as soon as possible. You want to start building some momentum and earning money.

  2. Post online classified ads daily at places like Craigslist.org, Backpage.com, USFreeAds.com , etc. Look for new places online to post as well!

  3. When you start using postcards - after receiving your mailing lists, always mail your postcards A.S.A.P. while the lists are still FRESH!

  4. When you start receiving a lot of letters - an electronic letter opener will come in handy.

  5. Send a "Thank You" card or email to people that sign-up to your list.

  6. When you start making serious money STAY COOL! Don't make any quick decisions until you have time to plan your next step.

  7. Donate 10% of your new income to your favorite charity... It's tax deductible and it will make you feel good to give to a worthy cause. Put 30% into savings/investments, 10% to catch up or pay off bills, 30% for taxes, and 20% to have fun with!

  8. Keep track of your business expenditures, they are tax deductible. If you work from home, you will be able to deduct a portion of your rent/mortgage and utilities from your tax liability. (Consult with an accountant or tax preparer)

  9. Keep what you are doing to yourself for a while, many of your friends and family may not be your greatest supporters in the beginning and may even try to talk you out of it. Keep focused on your dreams and goals. Let everyone know of your success AFTER IT WORKS!

  10. Repeat this process again and again. Use a portion of any profits for an "Advertising Budget" you can pay for an Ad Posting Service, send out even more postcards - send 1000 to 5000 postcard campaigns for higher returns. (REPETITION - This is KEY to this program)

  11. You will be compiling a massive mailing list. It will be very useful to you in your business. You should promote other biz opps, products, services, etc. This will add more income streams to your business.

  12. Note: When you post ads, send emails and send out postcards, you are in the "Mail Order" business. People are sending you $20.00 USPS Money Orders by U.S. Mail to be added to your mailing list for valuable information & future promotions/offers from you. Also, this is YOUR business - Once you join the 5 mailing lists the website with all of the content that is created will be YOURS. 

If you have tried similar programs in the past and failed - it could have been for a number of reasons. The biggest reason I see for people failing with any home business is they don't actually do the work. What do I mean by that? They don't send their postcards out, they don't send emails out, they don't post ads to free classified sites, etc. The bottom line is they don't do the work it takes to get people to respond and join their mailing lists.

Remember, there are over 250,000 people looking to make money from home every month. I know 73+ people who are actively advertising programs similar to this one. So, I know that it works. So, p
ost free online classified ads, u se our mailing list provider to send postcards and send emails out  - Have Fun With This!!! :)

What are your costs going to be with this program?

  • $100.00 - total paid to join the 5 mailing lists. ($20.00 each - Pay this first)
  • $25.00 - paid to the Monitor to handle administrative stuff and build your website
  • $0.00 to post free classified ads online.
When you start using postcards your expenses for a 200 piece mailing will be:

  • $4 to $5 - for 200 postcards you print from your computer printer. (If you outsource this most printers won't print less than 1000 pieces. So, you'll be buying in bulk. Shop around to get a good deal for your printing needs)
  • $70.00 - for 200 .35 cent postcard stamps. (Current cost for postcard stamps)
  • $50.00 - for 200 mailing list names on peel & stick labels. (Use DATALINE)
Depending on how you start out your total investment will vary. I highly recommend using the FREE Online Classified Ads to find interested people to join this program and then use your profits to run Postcard Marketing Campaigns. For the potential earnings of over $700,000.00 it could definitely be worth it. Be sure your mailing list is the last thing you buy. You don't want to have a mailing list that you aren't prepared to mail to.

Also, look to place ads anywhere else that welcomes your ads online or offline. I primarily use online classified ads and email marketing to find interested people.

My Personal Strategy... I have a system that allows me to post Unlimited Classified Ads and to have those same ads also showing up in the search engines like Google. I'm driving tons of traffic to my other programs as well as to this one now. I'm now putting it in step-by-step format for everyone to use. You can use this strategy for any other business you are involved in as well. I will have a link here shortly for you to go to and use the strategy. Thanks!!!