Using Postcards To Advertise

  • ONE... If you are going to participate in the program to start building your own mailing list, then you'll need to advertise. I use also Postcard Marketing. First, purchase a list of names to mail promotions to. Get your list from DATALINE. Dataline is a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and they only provide the freshest names of opportunity seeking people like you and me. They will send a list of 200 names for only $50.00 and they ship next day. Check their website for current rates. The names come on self-adhesive labels. You just peel & stick them on your postcards. You can call 1.800.497.2912 or go to... to order your list. They accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks and COD. You can do some homework and test different mailing name list providers, but DATALINE has proven to be one of the best if not the best. You can find cheaper lists, but you get what you pay for. So, be careful and test out mailing lists before you purchase more lists from any mailing list providers :)
  • TWO... Next, you can create a postcard or choose a postcard from the templates on the right side of this webpage. You can download all of the different postcard templates that I use.
  • THREE... While you are waiting for your list to arrive, get your postcards printed up at your local print shop or you can print them off of your computer. Use card-stock paper. I get my paper from Office Depot and I print them there as well. I print off about 1000 postcards.
  • FOUR... Go to the post office and purchase 200 - .35 cent postcard stamps (or at whatever the current rate is) and place them on your postcards.
  • FIVE... AS SOON as your list arrives, IMMEDIATELY place the address labels on each postcard and drop them in the mail. *Note: writing the names and addresses on the postcards is very effective and adds a more personal appearance, but labels will work.
  • SIX... Only thing to do now is wait for your responses, in the mean time, you can be placing ads online at many classified ad sites. Use the one I recommended.

  Postcard Templates

Postcards 1-4 - Front.doc Postcards 1-4 - Front.doc
Size : 33 Kb
Type : doc
Postcards 9-12 - Front.doc Postcards 9-12 - Front.doc
Size : 32 Kb
Type : doc
Postcards 5-8 - Front.doc Postcards 5-8 - Front.doc
Size : 32 Kb
Type : doc
Postcard - Back.doc Postcard - Back.doc
Size : 24.5 Kb
Type : doc

The four documents above are postcard templates to print from your home printer or take the files in and have them printed by a 3rd-party. The first 3 documents are for the "Front-side" of the postcard and the fourth document is for the "Back-side" of ALL the postcards. 

To download them just place your courser over the file name and  "Left-Click". You should see a box appear like the one below:

Just select "Save File", if it isn't already selected and press "Ok". Another box should appear with an the option to save it somewhere on your hard drive.