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Dear Visitor,

If you've never suffered the pain of losing ALL of your computer data on your hard drive - consider yourself lucky! But, this year 43%+ of computer users will suffer computer data loss. I experienced a loss of my computer data about 5 years ago and I literally sat in front of my computer and cried because I thought I had lost over $40,000 dollars worth of software, information, images, etc. That was a very bad day for me, but there was a silver lining - 2 days later I figured out how to get my hard drive functioning again and retrieve ALL of the data on my hard drive. It was so weird - I turned my computer on that day and my hard drive would not show any of my files saved in it. It was showing Zero Gigs! I talked with a technician just trying to find out what could of happened, but he told me he wasn't exactly sure what happened. I didn't care at that point - I was just very HAPPY to get my data back!

So, to prevent from losing my computer data again I bought two external hard drives to keep my hard drive on my computer backed up. The only problem with that idea... it wasn't convenient for me and by me keeping both external drives in the same house I still wasn't really protected.

Fortunately, I never suffered another data loss (well, temporary data loss) on my computer like the one I suffered 5 years ago. But, I still have never felt secured about my computer data and the threat of losing all of it was always looming right around the corner.

Well, lets fast-forward to today... I'm sleeping much better now and I don't have ANY worries of ever losing my computer data again! I'm using the Got Backup Data Storage & Backup Service and it has been AWESOME!

Here are just some of the benefits I get with Got Backup:

  • I have UNLIMITED Back-up & Storage - meaning there is "no cap" on the amount of data I can accumulate and store in my account.
  • I can access my data from ANY computer - so, if my computer catches fire or I'm visiting family & friends I can access my data from any other computer with internet access.
  • I don't have to perform the back-ups because it's 100% Automated - the software you download to your computer is quietly updating the files you've chosen to back-up. I set mine to back-up every hour.
  • My data is secured with Military Grade Encryption - that means it is Super Safe from hackers.
  • The back-ups are FAST. The transfer speeds allow for quick updates and checks of your data files.
  • And there's much more you can learn about the service at this link - CLICK HERE.
What's most important - I have "Peace of Mind" knowing that my data is 100% Protected & Secured!

But, that's not all... I get to share this awesome service with others and make money doing it!

So, not only can you "Backup & Store" your computer data... You can create a residual income by advertising your Reseller Link. If you - CLICK HERE - you can watch a short video (3mins 46secs) about the Reseller Program with Got Backup.

The contact manager allows you to keep notes about the status of your leads as you reach out to them with your offer(s). The information you get about your leads is their...

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company
This information gives you a couple of ways to contact your leads and gives you a little insight as to what company they are or were involved in. These leads are the perfect audience for just about ANY offer you have.

But, what do you and your leads have in common? They are more than likely in the same boat as you and are in need of more leads for their business or the other offer(s) they are promoting - why not introduce them to the MLM Recruit On Demand System! They will definitely see the value in your offer and you get to make a cool $15 bucks with the opportunity to earn even more if they decide to upgrade in the back-office with the other lead services.

If you decide to start promoting this system you'll have access to several "Landing/Capture Pages" to promote the Got Backup Service. There is no hard selling on your part - just send people to your capture pages. Data Backup and Storage Service is not a hard to understand - you are offering Unlimited Data Backup and Storage... Period.

I'm using the capture pages to drive prospects to so that I don't have to explain anything to anyone. I'm using all of the landing/capture pages that you see in the image below.

I just wanted to quickly introduce you to the Got Backup Service and the Reseller Opportunity I'm using to grow my online business... But, don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!

Just click on the link below and opt-in to my landing/capture page. You'll be taken to my Got Backup Capture page and on to my personal Corporate Sales Page where you can watch a short video detailing the whole Got Backup Service. Then, you can sign-up for your account to start protecting your computers, smart phones and tablets data and earn a full-time income! For $8 Bucks per month you simply won't find anything better!

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