The TRUTH About MAPs...

QUESTION... Do you know how much you will profit a month from a MAPs Credit Pack?

I do - because I own about a dozen credit packs - 11 credit packs to be exact.

ANSWER... You will currently profit about $2.09 every month for each credit pack you own, until you Cap Out - which takes about 90 days.

It is important to know the difference between what you "Earn" and what you "Profit" from each credit pack.

You can use that figure to calculate how many credit packs you need to purchase to make the income you desire every month from MAPs.

Do you want $1500 in "Profit" a month from MAPs? Then, you need to buy about 717 credit packs. That would be about a $35,842 purchase of credit packs!

You see I monitored & calculated that it takes about 90 days for each credit pack to "Cap Out" at $60 bucks.

Below is a breakdown of what happens with the $60 that we earn as “Profit Share” from each credit pack:

- $3.00 goes into our "Ad Fund" account. This is for the purpose of purchasing advertising products from MAPs.

- $.75 is a charge for each credit pack purchased in “Auto-Purchase” mode. This is optional.

- $49.99 goes towards the repurchase of a "Credit Pack". If you don't repurchase credit packs you are basically taking the $57 of the $60 and making a profit of $7.01 for buying a credit pack for $49.99.

- But, $7.01 is our total profit share from each credit pack. That goes towards our MAPs "Account Balance". (Again, it takes about 90 days to make this $7.01)

So, if you total your expenses above and subtract it from your profit - you come out with a grand total of $6.26 or $7.01 profit per credit pack depending if you use the auto-purchase mode or not.

As of June 20th, 2014 it takes almost 90 days for your credit pack to pay you $60 bucks.

Now, if you recruit you will make more, but I'm looking at the fact that 95% of the people joining MAPs don't know how to recruit effectively and will never make the incomes claimed by a lot of the "Top Dogs" promoting MAPs.

This leads me to why I have shared these facts with you.

I found a company that has a similar concept, but they pay their members to post ads to improve the company's website Alexa Ranking. This increases the value of their website ad space and allows them to charge premium prices for their ad space.

They pay you and me weekly from company profit shares and these profit shares are HUGE!

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