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Please email me at if you have an issue not covered in these training videos.  I'll be adding more and more videos here so let me know if you have any problems or questions and I make a video on this topic next.


Strategy Guide for Making $100 a day from multiple RevShare Programs!

Download my guide in PDF format. (updated 2-25-16)!

How To Fund These Programs

Get Payza Account through this link

Get COINBASE Account and put in $100 to get $10 in free Bitcoin

Programs I recommend in my Strategy Guide

Join our TrafficMonsoon Team First and Buy (10) Packs for $500 if possible

Join my LikesXL team and Buy (10) AdPacks for 500 Euro if possible.

Join my FortAdPays Team

Join my TripleThr3at Team

Only do Triplethr3at when you are in the 3 others I recommend above but it's a good one and earns fast.  I have a plan for hitting $100 a day in my strategy guide.

Join my MMMGlobal Team (VERY IMPORTANT)

I cannot give you a link to this one because you can only be in this program when you are ready to fund and have your money in COINBASE.  Email when you have your money ready to go and I will get you an appointment with my special trainer to get you signed up.  This is the program that I invested $3,000 in and had $12,000 in 2 months.  You can double every month if you do just one task every day such as posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.  They give you a choice of many tasks each day and you do the ones you like best.  I usually do the ones for Facebook or Twitter since they are very easy and only take me about 3 minutes!  I have more information on this in my strategy guide.


I believe a lot of money will be made in Bitcoin over the next few years and with this company you make money every day mining bitcoin.  It costs only $100 to get a membership and then you can buy a Bitcoin mining share for $500.  These shares earn Bitcoins every day for you.  The contract is for 1000 days.  Huge money to be made here.  My friend Ryan made $70,000 in 4 months by getting others involved but you make money through your mining contracts so you don't have to refer anybody.

Ultimate RevShare

Join My Team Here:

Only do this one if you're already in Monsoon, LikesXL, FortAdPays and Triplethr3at but it's doing great out of the gates!  I'm going big with this one because the owner puts himself out there and has been in marketing for 20 years.  I think this will be another Triplethre3t for us!

MyPayingAds (Relaunch Soon!)

Join my team here:

This program will relaunch within 14 days and when it does it will be GREAT again.  There are over 130,000 members and it will take off like a rocket so join now and be ready to fund with Payza or COINBASE soon!

Join The MasteringAds Platform ASAP and use it to get Referrals in all the Revshares we are in!

Ryan Hauser now has a system I can recommend.  This system will help you cross promote your RevShare programs so you can get more Referrals!

Join the advertising here:

Sign up to the other RevShare programs listed and fund as many as you can, even if it's only with $10 or $20 just so you can get them all going.  Next you'll begin advertising your own link through this system and building your Referrals!  It's really cool!

LikesXL Training material

To join my LikesXL team:

Contact me at 

or text me at 727-412-5559

Information on LikesXL 

Go to this page for complete directions on how to qualify as a Founding member and get the monthly bonus for life.

The third video shows you how to do everything.

Email me at or text me at 727-412-5559 if you need anything!

Once you sign up, here’s how to fund your account.

The first step is to fund your LikesXL with at least 480 Euros if you want the Lifetime Bonus!

Login click Likesxl logo to go to status page.  Then click 'top up' link.  Fund your acct with at least 480 euros which is about 530 dollars.  Put in your card info and submit.  If it fails and says 'try later' call your card company and have them stay on the phone while you do it a second time.   Text me when you get the money in the acct and will train you on phone.  

After you get at least 480 Euros in your account through the “Top Up” link

Next make sure you are on the home status page by clicking the “LikesXL” logo in the upper left corner of all pages.

On the Status page, it will show your membership level which should be GOLD if you just joined

To the right of the membership level will be something that says DOWNLINE and an UPGRADE link right next to it.

Click the UPGRADE Downline link and then choose Level (3) for 180 Euro.  You click the circle for Level (3) and then click the “UPGRADE” button near top of page.

Next, go back to the main status page by clicking the LikesXL logo in upper left of all pages.

It should now show you as Gold level member with Downline Level (3).

Next look down on the page for a “Buy PR Package” link and click it.

If you had 480 Euro and spent 180 on upgrading your downline you should have at least 300 Euros left

and this should be listed in “Available Amount”

Buy (6) PR packages by clicking the button. 

Click “LikesXL” logo again to go to main status page.

Look toward the bottom left corner of the page for where it says “Active PR Packs” and make sure it says “6”.

You’re now finished except clicking on Ads.

Go the the “Advertisements” menu option at top and then click “Look at Ads” Sub Menu option

You will see (9) ads.  click the square box on one of the ads and a checkmark will appear.

Click the link next to the box you checked and you will be shown an ad

A count down timer will appear at the top of the AD and will count down 20 seconds.

When the count down timer is done, it will say “Surf Counted”.  Click the word “Surf Counted” and view 

another ad.  There is a counter that says how many Ads you viewed at the top of the page.  Keep viewing

ads until the counter says “Ads Vewed today: 10” on the page with 9 ads.

Click the LikesXL logo at top of page with the (9) ads to return to main status screen.

At the top of the main status screen, verify the system says your advertising earnings are alive and note.  Click your ads at this time everyday or if you want to change it click your ads at the new time tomorrow.  Note if you clicked your ads after 6pm EST then this is Midnight in Switzerland time and you will need to wait more than 24 hours to click your ads into the next day.  

If you have qualified for the Bonus by funding your account with 480 Euros and buying (6) PR Packs and upgrading your Downline level to (3).  Then you need to go to my site at

Click the Training Menu option and then scroll down to LikesXL

Here’s the direct link for the training page. (you must be logged in to see it)

On this page you will find banners for LikesXL, a cool landing page system you can use and training videos!  

Send an email to the email address listed with the information I give if you qualified for the bonus!  You will be sent confirmation by the company within a few days that you have got the bonus!

How to Promote LikesXL 

Lori Petrosino made a very nice landing page for all LikesXL members.  You can see it by clicking on this link.

LikesXL Landing Page

To use this yourself, simply replace MY link (4621994) with your own LikesXL ID number!  You can test it by logging out of LikesXL and then clicking on  YOUR landing page link.  Then try to sign up from that page and it should put YOUR LikesXL in there as the Sponsor!  Very cool!

LikesXL Banners for our members!  You can link to these banners if you are on my team!  I pay to host them and will not remove them!

125x125 banner

468x60 banner

728x90 banner


Until January 15th, 2016 qualify for lifetime (.01 Euro) bonus checks if you get (6) PR Packs and upgrade your Downline Level to (3) before this date.

Once you do this send an email to

If you believed you qualified for the bonus, send the following information to the email address above.


- Full Name

- LikesXL ID

- Email address used for LikesXL

- initial top up amount paid in (minimum 480 Euros)

It's very important that you only provide this information and not more.  The email will be handed by Mr. Graf and is being done to help people know they got the incentive.

You will receive a reply to your email address to confirm you qualified once your account has been verified.  

Email me at if you have any other questions about getting signed up to LikesXL




To join my team use this link:

Contact me at 

or text me at 727-412-5559

My Recommended Strategy for MPA

I worked very hard to get Referrals when I joined MPA but if I were to start over I would drop $5,000 in there right away.  Since your shares can roughly double every month, if you put in as much as you can and work the system for 90 days then you can take out 30% each day after your 90 days is up.  But you need to invest everything you can afford.  Do NOT go into debt so if $50 or $100 is the most you can do, do that.  If you can do $500 or $1,000 then do that.  The strategy for all these systems is go as big as you can afford then work the system for at least 90 days without taking any money out, then after 90 days get your original investment out by only buying shares with your Repurchase  balance only and withdrawing your cash.  You should be able to get your investment back in about 30 days or so after you begin withdrawing at the 90 day mark.

NOTE - when you first setup up MyPayingAds you must Edit your profile and select Paypal as your Processor and put in your Paypal email address in the box provided.  You can't Add Funds to your account until this is done.


Step 1 

Funding Your Account

Go to the "Finance - Add Funds" menu option and add funds from Paypal.  If you don't have a Paypal account go get that done first at

Step 2

Buy Your Shares!

Go to "Finance" - Purchase Shares" menu at the top of the screen and buy as many $1 packs as you can afford once your account is funded with Paypal.  If you can afford to fill up the $1 level with 200 shares as soon as you can.  You can only buy 100 shares at any time but can go in again and buy 100 more after you buy 100.

Step 3 

View Your Ads

Then go to "View Ads - Surf Ads" menu option and click 10 ads one by one - wait until timer stops.  They will say "Visited" one by one as you watch them.  When you are done with ten, Go to "Overview" menu option and verify system says you don't have to click ads for 23 hours 59 minutes.  You surf your ads every day and that makes you eligible for profit sharing.  Then you can start promoting your affiliate link which is listed on the overview page.  Promote your link to anybody you know since you make 10% of all their Share purchases over and over again!  I am working on other ways to promote your link for the future.  :)

MPA Training Videos

The Basics


MPA Strategies

I recommend everybody fill up the first level to 200 Shares and then buy 100 shares for levels 2-9.   Then you must fill up Level 10 to 2000 shares.  Once this is done, you can fill up remaining gaps in levels 2-9 and proceed with Level 11.

Aggressive Plan (What I did)

Put in as much as you can initially

Let it compound for at least 4 months at least without taking any money out or until you are into Level 10

Take 30% out from that point forward.

Conservative Plan

Put in as much as you can initially

Let it compound for 6 weeks so it should about double.

Take out 30% per day until your original investment is returned

Stop taking money out until you hit level 10 or you have let it compound for 4 more months.  Then take out 30% out each day from that point forward.