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I'm going to show you how I earn money "The Easy Way" with Project Payday.

You can actually earn money with Project Payday using 4 different methods:

 photo 4 Ways To Make Money With PP_zpsoi4pxdth.jpg

I'm going to show you how to use the Method 4th to make money because it is very easy to do and doesn't require a lot of time. You can take the time later to learn how to make money with the other 3 Methods

I will tell you right now that if you were expecting to sign up for this and the company was just going to pay you "hourly" like a J.O.B. you are mistaken. You get paid when someone performs the 3rd step below.

What I do daily is pretty simple...

Step 1 - I post ads to drive interested people to this website - here is one of the places I advertise at:

LINKS HERE ( - Login Link)

Step 2 - Interested visitors click on this link below to check out my business:

(There is a short presentation at the link below to introduce you to our business)

Step 3 - They fill out a form like the one in the image below to request a FREE look at my business:

 photo Easy Money2_zpsotxm1yza.jpg

Now, let me stop you right here - at this point I've just been paid for having each interested visitor perform the 3rd step above. They never had to pull out a credit card or anything. They just filled out a form to take a look at my business. If they're interested - then they can join and do what I'm doing. 

The cost to join my business is less $35 bucks one-time. No monthly fees ever!

There is also a very simple training website to help you get started. I'll send that link to you by email once you're ready to get started.

That's it! This is how simple this business is.

When you are ready to get started shoot me an email letting me know you've taken a look at our business and I will send you the link to the training website and some other bonus stuff.

Send an email to:

Well, all there is left to do is follow the steps above!

Let me know if you need any assistance -

Gerald W.

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