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How To Set Up A Free Gmail Autoreply

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Setting up a gmail auto-reply is simple. The challenge will be to create a campaign that people like and want to click on.

Use my words and expound on them, improve them, or just write what you want. The key to success is testing. The more you test and experiment the better. Results usually follow persistent action. The biggest mistake most new marketers make is not persisting. Persist.

A few words. I typically like to combine a traditional message with a little flair. If your postings look like everyone elses people won't see your postings. Stand out. But avoid really flashy titles that contain an unrealistic pay promise and refrain from posting tacky images of money in rolls, wads, or piles. Job seekers do not want to see that.

How To Create More Leads That Convert Higher Using Project Payday's Referral Method


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Just a few updates on this video...I have disabled the embedding feature from YouTube as of about a month back. Using the videos is no longer free because too many people were selling the videos and not being nice about it. That's the bad news. The GOOD news is Project Payday still has a decent landing page for you to use that comes with your membership. There is a chance that I may be selling a limited number of my high converting beast of a landing page...if you're interested in purchasing it click below and contact me via Facebook... it's only going to be available for a teensy sliver of time.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, this video is full of juicy tips and tricks on how to use Project Payday's Referral program for fun and money. It's a bit thick, but it's full of useful and still relevant information.