Creating a redirect is essential to keep you in business with Project Payday. We are going to focus on the paid method because the free methods are not stable - but when you create your own redirect you are guaranteed a 100% fresh redirect that has not been used before and will work.

As you can see from watching the video, I prefer short domains. Keep in mind that craigslist is going mobile to keep up with the ever growing mobile crowd. Mobile users want FAST, NOW, YESTERDAY. They typically do not want to spend their time copy-pasting a long URL into their tiny little browser window - so use short, creative redirects. Also, you can always have people email you. You can answer their emails with a short pre-written reply directing them TO your web site. We will get into that later. For now, let's focus on what a redirect is and why you need one, or two or three or more.

Q. Why do I need one?

A. To be effective on Facebook, twitter or craigslist, you'll need a redirect. Now so far, twitter is okay with using - but craigslist and facebook require a redirect.

Q. How many do I need?

A. To start, 3 or 4 should do. As you progress and learn you will find that you may want more as you scale, but for now, as a beginner, 3 or 4 will work.

Q. What if I have hostgator or bluehost, and don't want to get GoDaddy?

A. Get the domains as cheap as you can. If GoDaddy is the cheapest, buy them and then host them on your existing other web host. You do not have to use Godaddy. We chose GoDaddy because the customer service is the very best. You can register GoDaddy domains and then put them on whateve host you prefer. Go to google and always look at GoDaddy Promo code first before making any purchase because typically you can get huge discounts.

Below are a few links to the most common web hosting companies. You can usually find a sale running every month.

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