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The following web sites are considered Social Media opportunity sites and are profitable for making money with Project Payday's Referral Method. We encourage you to keep organized and pick several social media sites for your marketing campaigns. Always diversify, never rely on just one site. staff will be updating new training materials bi-weekly which will include tutorials on how to approach and learn to make money on each of these web sites to ensure you are profitable and having fun making money with Project Payday.

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The following web sites are recommended for making money with Project Payday's Referral Method. In the coming months we will be hosting weekly live training to help you become aware of each of these places to post your Project Payday Referral link. We want to see you succeed.

The Blaze   Live Journal Ning LiveLeak Empower Network CafeMom WordPress Tumblr Wired DailyMotion Reddit Vimeo Tagged Scribd Hub Pages DisabledPerson DeafNation StumbleUpon Ezine Blog Catalog MyBlogLog Digg Mixx GumTree Oodle CSS Globe Orkut Hi5 Bebo BlackPlanet Parents Single Moms Top Mommy Blogs Furl Working Mother Work-At-Home Forbes Forums     Classified Sites:

The following classifieds web sites are considered top tier and are an extremely valuable resource in regards to making money with Project Payday. Some of free, which are recommended for those just starting out. Later, as you become familiarized with the posting process you may move on to paid advertising if you wish. will be hosting live training sessions to train you to use these sites responsibly for profit using Project Payday. Our goal is to help you acheive success.

Craigslist   BackPage Career Builder Yahoo Classifieds MySpace Classifieds Ebay Classfieds More ... CLICK HERE FOR EXTENSIVE LIST.

Our Committment to Your Success

There is a wealth of free information online about each of these sites; you can usually do a search on YouTube and find a wealth of information about these top sites, like craigslist, ebay classifieds, and so on. Leverage the power of YouTube to your benefit by conducting routine searches for how-to information. In the coming months we will be conducting live training to help you become familiarized with YouTube and Google as a means to discover creative methods to grow into profitability using Project Payday's unique cutting edge work at home program. Times and dates for live training will be announced by email.

This training site is created and run by highly successful, veteral members of Project Payday. Founders Keisha Seaton and Brenda Rose, with total personal earnings well over $360,000 using Project Payday's Referral method, we are uniquely qualified to help you reach your potential. We are honored you have chosen as your go-to resource center and will update all information on this training site routinely to ensure information is kept up to date.

Finally, you will have the tools you need to start making money from home using the Project Payday work from home opportunity. We look forward to hearing about your success and encourage you to contact us with your own success story!