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Dear Reader,

     You can stop asking how or if you will make money. The program you will learn about below shows you how "step by step" and will result in you making money - lots of it! And, ANYONE can do it!

     Just Join & Advertise this program with the rest of us on until you receive 4 sign-ups and you will make money! That's all there is to it! After you receive 4 sign-ups you can sit back and wait for the money to roll in! Please read the program carefully. The logic of this program is based on real numbers. And, numbers don't lie.

     Unlike other programs there are no quitters in The Power Of Four Program. Everyone who joins is committed to signing-up at least 4 people or they wouldn't have spent the one-time $150 to join in the first place.

     If money is tight, think it through carefully. If you are in need of more money can you really afford not to do this?

     The Power Of Four Program spells out exactly how you will make money. No guessing or hoping. Just follow the simple instructions in our program!



After you read the 2-Page PDF Letter below you can download it further down...

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I hope this letter has you just as excited as I am! We can finally turn the tables around and start making money working from home! (You can download my letter below when you're ready to join)

Why Does The Power Of Four Program Work?

1. You Are Multiplying Your Efforts! Every time you get a new sign-up they will be advertising their 2-Page PDF Letter with your name on it! It's like you've cloned yourself and there are now (2) two of you who are advertising for you instead of just (1) one. Imagine what it would look like to have (10) ten people you've signed-up advertising this program - this is really exciting stuff!

2. You Are Providing A Valuable Product! Unlike other programs, this program teaches you how to get results from you advertising. You'll get access to training resources that many people have paid thousands of dollars to access. You get it ALL drastically discounted - Only $150 Bucks!

3. The Power Of Four Program Is Easy To Run! You’re just advertising the ads we give you to find others who are interested in finally making money working-from-home! We tell you that you can stop after you receive 4 sign-ups, but why stop? This is easy work and don't you want to earn money for the rest of your life? So, just keep advertising!!! (To learn more details about our Advertising Strategy - CLICK HERE)

4. It’s YOUR Program! You are a member for life with this program when you sign-up. You can even pass it down to your kids and they to their kids. People don’t want to have their hands tied as to what they can do with this program. It’s your biz!

Now, the first thing you should do is follow the directions in the 2-Page PDF letter you can download below.

The next thing you will be doing is advertising. We ALL advertise on We give you the exact same ads we are using. If you decide to join, I will show you how to put a website together just like this one for "FREE" - I'll show you where to get free hosting and a free domain name! Or... you can just pay $25 dollars and I can take care of it for you - CLICK HERE to order your website. Plus, if you have me build your website - I'm including my BackPage Ad Posting System, which will show you how to post HUNDREDS of ads on Daily - you can learn more about it by CLICKING HERE!

Below is a link to a downloadable copy of the letter you just read above. You need to print it out and follow the instructions to get started.

When you join you will get everything you need to get started.

*Click on the link below to download and save the letter to print...


My contact information is below.

Phone#: 904.428.8040           

I look forward to helping you get started!

Gerald Walker Jr.

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