You Gotta See This - I Made $105.40 Overnight!

Hey Guys - Gerald here. I decided to write up a kind of "Play-By-Play" and my "Testimonial" of this program I just signed up for last night. It was about 12:45am and I was just reading through a bunch of ads in a traffic exchange I advertise in. I saw an ad that was pretty interesting, I clicked on it and here is how it played out...

I was sent to this capture page after I clicked on the link in the ad...

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Pretty nice looking capture page.

I watched the video and decided to opt-in and follow the steps that the guy outlined in the video to see where the "Catch" was - I actually do this quite a bit. From my experience there is always a catch, even when they say the system is "FREE". You almost always have to pay for something to be able to use the "Free System".

I confirmed my opt-in thru an email they sent to my inbox and then I was taken to a page to sign up for an account here at (It's the capture page above - you opt-in and you are taken to the registration page to sign-up for the free account with -

Once I did that I was sent to this page with my login details and member id...

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

In the back office there are about 3 steps you need to read and complete to get this all set-up and running to make money for you.

The first step was just an overview of the system and how we get paid...

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg
 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

The second step was to sign up for a free email sender here -

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

*I received a $100 commission for doing that - that was my 1st checkpoint to see if this was real. You can see an image shot of my total commissions earned just from last night further below!

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

I had to input my login details from the email sender I just signed up for in the box you see below to get the $100 commission.

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

Now, the email sender has a 7-Day Free Trial Offer and after that it is $47 bucks per month, but I just made $100 for signing up for the account - so I figure I have 2 months to see if this will work. The expectation is that I will be making about $700 bucks over the next 30 to 60 days. Then, watching that grow over the coming months!

The third step - I watched and followed the video to set-up my account to start making money. It was basically "uploading the email list" that they provided for me to put into my email sender. It's all in the video on that page on how to do that. I just opened another tab to watch the video and performed the steps as I watched.

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

That was it guys!

Just 3 simple steps...

Step 1 - Sign-up for an account with
Step 2 - Sign-up for an account with
Step 3 - Upload the list from MyEmailMentor's back-office into my EmailResponsePros account

*My only responsibility is to login to my back-office, click on Step 3 in the menu, scroll to the bottom of the page to download the new lists from my back-office and upload them to my email sender account every 7 days.

I did all three steps last night (it was actually early morning on 05-27-2015) and this morning I woke up and checked to see that I made $5.40 more while I slept for a total of $105.40 in about 8 hours!

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

Now, here is what got me excited and is the reason for me going through this detailed explanation with you of what I've just experienced last night...

 photo MyEmailMentor - img12_zpsvsdtfyym.jpg

Earning what amounts to a 50% match of what the people I refer into this make is what got me really excited. If I sign-up just 10 people and they all make $700 monthly - that is $3500 monthly I receive just for referring them! I'm just really excited about this!

Learn more about the Commission Details HERE -

Check this it out for yourself - See if what I've been talking about really works! I was pleasantly surprised to see that this worked for me and that it was very easy to set-up. I think it took about 25 minutes from beginning to end to get it all done - I did take my time to read over all of the stuff in the back-office and that is why it took more time to get this set-up.

You can click on this link to go check it out - CLICK HERE

If you have any questions for me I will do the best I can to answer them. I'm brand new to this whole program and I'm taking the time to learn everything about it now. You can contact me (Gerald) at...

Weekly Income Update

I'm going to put "Screenshots" of my commissions below...

Below is my commission total thru June 3rd, 2015


Below is my commission total thru June 10th, 2015

Sorry guys, had an issue with my payment not processing with They are the payment processor for Fortunately, I got it resolved yesterday. I missed a weeks worth of commissions!

I will post my earnings through the 17th, 2015. Thanks!


Below is my commission total thru June 17th, 2015