Hey Guys,

Gerald here... I have a GreenDot Visa Pre-Paid Card and the way I load money onto it is through GreenDot MoneyPaks. I realized that other people could load my card with money too if they wanted to purchase something from me. So, I added this payment option. It never hurts to have as many ways possible for someone to pay YOU!

WARNING: Guys, there are people who are running scams and they are using this method of payment to facilitate it. Just beware of situations that seem suspicious. You can call me anytime to put your mind at ease with using this payment form. I've used it with others and have had no issue.

Follow the instructions below and you'll be ready to get started!

If you want me to set-up these pages for your website just let me know!


Instructions for making a $25 payment with a GreenDot MoneyPak.

 photo MoneyPak_Instructions_Step1_zps28e7dfb1.gif

 photo MoneyPak_Instructions_Step2_zps36ac4122.gif

 photo MoneyPak_Instructions_Step3_zpsd7448cc1.gif