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How would you like to learn how to start off earning $50, $75, or even $150/daily promoting affiliate offers (or offers of your own)? And the best part is - you spend only 2 to 3 hours per day doing it! The eBook offer here can show you exactly how to do it so you can create a daily income!

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I purchased this e-book a while back because I wanted to learn how to use free classified ad sites, like more effectively to make money. I started using the information I learned in it to sell affiliate products - I even developed a few of my own information products to sell.

Jumping-forward to 2016: With Yuwanda's eBook, I've been able to sell thousands of dollars worth of products/services - a few of my own, but mostly others - all by placing free classified ads at places like!

Note: You can use the formula that is outlined in the eBook to advertise all types of product and service offers on any free online classified ads site to make money online! I just love and it has been my "Bread & Butter" site for a long time now to place free online classified ads for the offers I promote.

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CL vs BP

And the Winner is...

I really don't use Craigslist anymore because I have also experienced a lot of headaches with them. They just have way too many restrictions and you can get Flagged/Ghosted for ANY reason and not even learn what that reason was - EVER. I just didn't want to waste time hoping my ads would get placed or worrying if I was going to get banned for violating some rule I didn't even know about.

I totally love for a number of reasons, but mainly it's because the site is easy to use, my ads get placed quickly (Most cities your ads show up in 1 to 2 minutes) and as long as you follow their easy-to-understand guidelines, you don't have to worry about ever getting banned or having your ads removed.

How Does $900 in Affiliate Sales Sound -- In One Day?!

When Yuwanda started placing ads on in 2009 for her first affiliate product, she immediately started seeing sales. She even earned $900 in one day! I haven't had a day like that... yet - the most I've earned in one day was $250 bucks in affiliate sales. Some days I can earn as much $15 to $25 bucks and then there are those days where I've earn $100+. It all just depends on how many ads I place and what offers I'm promoting.

Option: NEVER Work for Someone Else Again!

This won't happen overnight. If you Study & Follow the information in this eBook, then start applying it on a DAILY + CONSISTENT basis you can create a solid 2nd-Income for yourself.

You see, placing free classified ads online is a great way to supplement your current income, or build a full-time online business for yourself.

Post Ads - Get Paid
I'm not making a Million Bucks with this eBook, what I am earning helps to supplement my income with my job. You can make a full-time business out of placing free online classified ads if you want to. Yuwanda earned $900 in one day! She can show you proof too - I also know that she's had many $200, $300 and $400 days. Just 50% or even 33% of that is more than most people are earning in a day at their job!

It does take time. I started out placing just a few ads – like maybe 5 per day
for a software product I was promoting. Then, I started increasing the number of ads I was placing and the number of offers I promoted on average I was placing 20 ads per day for the offers I promoted - I place even more today!


Here is a popular question people that land on this site ask:

"Has BackPage changed its rules and become as strict as Craigslist?"


Yes, has made rule changes - but, No they are no where near as strict as Craigslist. For example, you can't use shortened tracking links like,,,, etc. in your ads (you'll learn how to get around this in the eBook). There are other minor changes they have made - but, is still pretty much the same. It's as easy-to-use as when I first started placing ads there.

In fact, it's one of the MOST Effective & Responsive sites for promoting affiliate offers. BUT, your success in affiliate marketing depends on a lot of factors - your offer, your sales copy, the competition, your price point, how often you post your ads, etc.

I've had winners & losers. It's all about testing - that's key with internet marketing - TESTING!

I continue to believe in promoting products and services on free classified ad sites because of the amount of traffic that these sites generate. With the right offer(s), it can be like "shooting fish in a barrel" for you with your sales. But, THAT can be the hard part (finding the right offer, with the right sales copy, with the right price).

How I Place My Classified Ads

When I started using the information I learned in this eBook, I didn't start off using ad posting software to place ads. Later I found and used 3 different ad posting software only to have ALL 3 of the ad posting software get out-dated or not supported anymore. Yuwanda talks about ad posting software in the eBook, but neither one of us uses ad posting software anymore.

I've gone back to and have stuck to placing all of my ads manually for a couple of years now. It takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to place between 40 to 50 ads.

All of The Techniques that are focused on in the eBook are 100% FREE -- There are NO Paid Ones.

The information in this eBook is about free ad placement techniques - no "pay for placement," or any other method that's going to cost you money is required. This means you can start making money — without having to spend any money.

You Can Literally Start Placing Ads TODAY At ZERO Cost!

I love using resources that don't cost me anything to make money. It gives me the opportunity to test ads and offers without losing any money - as you become more experienced and are making more money you can consider spending money on advertising. But, sticking to Simple, Easy, Free/Low-Cost ways just makes more sense.

Why Do Most People Never Make Money Online?

Most people never make money online because they are focused on going after the big bucks. They respond to ads that hype, Make $10,000 in 30 days... or Work 2 Hrs/Day and Make $1,500... and Make $5,000 in the Next 7 Days — Guaranteed...

Making money online just doesn't work like that. Yuwanda can tell you better than I can from her own experience. She's been a freelance writer since 1993 (and has written sales copy for many online marketers), she's been writing and publishing her own eBooks and e-classes (since 2002), and promoting products via affiliate marketing (since 2008).

Live Life On Your Own Terms: Yuwanda's "Office" in Negril, Jamaica

The creator of this eBook is truly "Living Life On Her Terms"...

All by earning small amounts of money from different sources. At the end of every month, it all adds up. This can give you "options". Work full-time or work at it in your spare-time - it's up to you!

Check out what Yuwanda has done... in May 2010, she moved to Negril, Jamaica semi-permanently. It was something she dreamed of doing - living in a foreign country and promoting affiliate products and her own products online at sites like

Now, that's the life!!!

In 2014, she made the move to Jamaica permanent - at least for the next few years. She has an apartment with a balcony, which has a 270-degree view of the ocean!

She gets to work in her pajamas most of the time and works 7-9 hours a day most days by her choice (except weekends). She loves what she does - who can blame her!

I would love this picture from Negril, Jamaica below to be my office view!



Create A Recession-Proof Income!

One of the reasons Yuwanda and myself like promoting products on free classified ads sites like is that it gives us a recession-proof income. It doesn't matter what's going on in the world I can always find a product/service that someone wants to and will buy - it's awesome!

The Perfect Work-from-Home Full-Time or Part-Time Job!

If you're looking for a way to truly work from home, promoting products on free classified ad sites like is your ticket. Again, it doesn't cost anything to get started. You simply choose products you want to market (In the eBook you will where to find products that sell well online), follow the advice outlined in this eBook, and just start posting ads.

If you have a full-time job, you can still start making money on by posting ads before you go to work, on your lunch break at work, or in the evenings when you get home from work.

Why This eBook Can Help You Make Money Online Placing Free Ads...

Free classified ad sites are extremely popular and make tons of money. I'm sure you've heard of sites like Craigslist, eBay Classifieds and They ALL get millions of visitors per month. And since they are mostly free for online marketers, they have become the go-to sites for advertising offers.

In short, they are an online marketer's dream!

The following information shows some statistics on how the popularity of classified ads sites has been sky-rocketing over the years:

Some Benefits You May Not Know About Placing Free Classified Ads On's distribution partnerships with several newspapers allows you to have your ad appear on those newspaper's websites. This can give you Higher Quality Traffic, and give you Higher Quality Responses to your ads.

While has banned the use of HTML in ad postings still allows you to use HTML in your ad postings. Some figures have estimated that Craigslist has lost 30% of its traffic. This helped to boost traffic to sites like - Thanks Craigslist!!! is no where near as strict as, which limits you to 3 ads per day out of an account. To this day it's still very easy to post tons of ads on on a daily basis and not get ghosted or flagged.

Online Classified Ad Usage Is Steadily Growing: Between 2005 and 2009, the viewership of online classified ads jumped from 22% to 49%. To date - 53% of adults online view online classified ad sites. That is a HUGE reason for you to start using classified ads to grow your business!

In 2009, on any given day about 10% of internet users visit online classified sites, that's more than doubled from 4% in 2005.

The above are the findings from a May 22nd, 2009 survey by the Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project Survey.

The traffic/visitors at continues to grow each year and has well over 100 million visitors... PER MONTH! Want To See Proof?

Here's a "Snap-shot" of the information you'll get in this eBook...

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #1: WHICH TYPE OF "ADS" TO PLACE (Page 6). Most online marketers don't make any money (that's right, not a dime!) You can be busy placing ads, but if you don't place the right kind of ads your response rate will suffer. I learned from this eBook something that works much better. Yuwanda discusses what it is, the psychology behind it, how to create effective ones so that your ads get HUGE responses - she gives you actual ad samples.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #2: WRITE EFFECTIVE HEADLINES (Page 8). Your ad's headline will determine your response rate. No matter how great your ad is, if it doesn't get clicked on and read, it can't be effective. Yuwanda outlines 4 elements she uses for writing successful headlines for her ads that you can use too! Samples are provided as well.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #3: CREATE A BLOG OR SIMPLE WEBSITE (Page 13). Yuwanda explains why this method is very effective for increasing sales. She also lays out guidelines for deciding to create a website or blog and how to use Google AdSense to make money if you go this route.

Yuwanda has a blog that earns her a consistent $150-$200 monthly in Google AdSense income - this is in addition to her product sales. It's totally passive income from the ads she places for her affiliate products. You'll learn how to do the same thing.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #4: USE THE APPROPRIATE CATEGORY (Page 16). Here she explains when to post in multiple categories and just as important, when not to do it.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #5: THE USE OF GRAPHICS (Page 18). Here she talks about why graphics are extremely important in online marketing and she gives a list of nearly 30 sites where you can find free, high-quality, stock images to use in your ads.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #6: TIMING YOUR AD PLACEMENTS (Page 20). The time of day you place your ads can affect sales. In this section she explains why this may be true and gives you some of the best times to post your ads.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #7: HOW OFTEN TO PLACE (Page 21). "When" you place your ads can affect sales, but so can the frequency of your ad posting. You'll learn how often to place your ads — and why.

TWO MORE BONUS TIPS (Page 22): One extremely effective method discussed is one that is used to advertise her web writing company. This one method has literally brought her thousands of dollars in sales and repeat, high-end customers. The second tip is one she uses in almost EVERY one of the ads she writes. This tip can literally double your sales almost instantly - especially if you do it consistently.

HOW TO CHOOSE A PRODUCT/SERVICE TO PROMOTE ON BACKPAGE (Page 24). This eBook is about how to increase your sales with products or services you are already promoting on or other free classified ad sites. But, just in case you're not, she outlines 5 tips for you on how to go about selecting profitable products and/or services to start advertising on

INFO YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BACKPAGE POSTING SOFTWARE (Page 27): There is ad posting software out there that can post ads for you. BUT, you must be very careful. She details her experiences with two popular ones and why she doesn't recommend using any auto posting software now. We both place ads manually now (50-60 per hour), and she shows you how to do the same.

eBook Length: 53 pages of detailed, first-hand info -- that absolutely works!

A Note from Yuwanda about Affiliate Marketing: Your success in affiliate marketing depends on the product and/or service you're promoting. No matter which techniques you decide to use, if the market you choose is too small for a particular product/service, or the product/service is not of good quality, then you're not going to make many sales. Keep this in mind when deciding on which affiliate products to get behind.

FYI, Yuwanda divulges three of her Best-Selling Products in this eBook!

Do you want a real, honest and simple way to make some decent money online?

You can't miss with this eBook. If you follow the simple advice given in the eBook, you can literally start making money the FIRST day - really!

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P.S.: Learn How to Make Money Online Placing FREE Classified Ads -- Get Started Quickly -- for Less than $20! Seriously, for less than $20 bucks, you can be working in your very own work-from-home business -- starting today. Can you really pass on this?

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