The Following Steps Below Will Help You Get Your "Joy To Live" Biz Going

Getting 2 NEW Gmail Accounts For The "Safelist Builder"

You need to get two NEW Gmail Accounts. They will be used for signing up with the different Safelist Memberships. You should name the email accounts as follows...



When you're joining the Safelists Memberships you will need an email address for "Contact" emails and another email address for the "List" emails you'll be receiving.

Safelists are the first advertising source you will be using to drive traffic to your JTL link. Safelists work and we get sign-ups into Joy To Live from them! There are quite a few Safelists to join here so try to sign-up for as many as you can as soon as you can.

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Free Hosting used for JTL

Our team uses this team webpage below to advertise in the team rotator - this one is mine...

You can have your own webpage like it at the following link... 

If you need help with getting your webpage set-up just shoot me an email -

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Team Advertising Campaigns

Here are the two campaigns the whole team is promoting. Theses are the campaigns you'll be using when you advertise on the Safelists your joining at Safelist Builder...

Campaign Name: SLB
Description Line 1: Over 100 Of The BEST FREE
Description Line 2: Safelists Are Listed Here

Campaign Name: JTL
Line 1: You Cash The Checks - Our Huge
Line 2: Team Build Will Work For You.

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Getting Added To The Team Rotator

To get add to the Team Rotator you must be sure that you are on "Auto-ship" for your monthly product in your Joy To Live back-office. You will also need the link to your webpage you created earlier to use in the Team Rotator. Once you have those two things done contact Linda at the following email address to request to be added to the Team Rotator -

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The "A to Z" Resource Of Tools For Joy To Live

This an enormous resource of tools for building your business with Joy To Live. The tools at this resource are used to build your Joy to Life business. They can be used for 3 different categories.

  1. Tools are used to create leads or prospects
  2. Tools are used to deliver the message, to do all the explaining and selling
  3. Tools are used for additional information after someone looked at the message to aid you in the process of getting someone started

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This book was written by John Austin and is real eye opener for those of us who are truly concerned about our health.

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