How To Get People To Respond To Your Ads
And Earn A Residual Income From Them!

To consistently get people responding to your ads on Traffic Exchanges & Safelists, you have to have your own systematic approach, and here is exactly what I do:

1) I use SHORT Emails and Ads. You want them to go to your WEBSITE for more detailed information.

2) I email and post ads DAILY! You must have a D.M.O. (DAILY Method of Operation)! It is this consistent repetition that gets your emails & ads noticed and people to respond.

See the advertising sources I’m using for my D.M.O. here…

My D.M.O. page link will be placed here shortly - sorry

Having a D.M.O is important and showing people that they need to have a D.M.O. in their business is even more important for your success and their success. This step is over-looked all the time and it is one of the main reasons people can't get their businesses going - so they quit and leave to look for something else.

3) I send my leads to a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE. This is also SHORT and sweet. At a minimum you want them to fill out your subscriber form with their name & email address. This is where your money will be made. (You should have your OWN domain name and hosting.)

4) I have an Autoresponder that follows up with my leads automatically. HOWEVER, I send a personal follow-up entitled "This is Gerald, not my autoresponder :)" and simply introduce myself and thank them for subscribing & visiting my site. I give them my personal contact information for any support from me.

When I get a PAID Sign-up I send them a PERSONAL "Welcome Letter for PAID Members" with detailed, but EASY, instructions on what to do next. I give them my CELL PHONE number and the contact information of my upline sponsors!

I help people to the best of my ability and work with new members to help them succeed. I cannot do it for them, but I help as much as possible.

5) I also recommend/offer the TOOLS that I use to promote my business to my members AND to the people that sign up on my list but don't join MY program. Why tools? Everyone needs tools. Tools can be advertising sources, traffic sources, marketing systems, and so on. Even if they never join your business they will still need tools for their business - be the "Tool Guy".

Follow your dreams and your passions and you can be successful. Your business should be FUN for you. If you're passionate about the new energy drink that you love, THAT'S what you'll do best at. Vitamins, Weight Loss? You get the idea.

One more thing you must consider. The pay plan must make you money if you want to be financially successful. There are a lot of pay plans that benefit the company more than the member and you are nothing more than a customer yourself. If that is the case, you may want to consider just being a customer and using your favorite products and find something that pays you better and faster, (there is your DREAM to consider!)

I chose to build the front-end of my business with Trafficwave’s autoresponder service. It only made sense to do this because I needed this service in my business whether I promoted it or not.

I also chose to build this part of my business with an extremely successful organization, Team Atlantis, who ONLY focuses on one thing…

Building Trafficwave Downlines - Period!

There are a lot of people using the Trafficwave Autoresponder Service and most of them are not building their downlines with Trafficwave. And many of the people that are building their downlines – are struggling at it.

Many of the people that have signed up for the Trafficwave Autoresponder Service did so because they needed this tool in their business, which happens to be the reason I initially signed up for it.

So, a lot of people aren’t even looking at the income side of Trafficwave. This is the opportunity Team Atlantis has jumped on! Helping Trafficwave users build their downlines to earn a passive income.

There is a ton of money being paid to our Team Atlantis members by TrafficWave. I’m told it is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars now!

Everybody is coming to Team Atlantis! Even if they already have an autoresponder! They are doing this for one (1) Reason... they see the Team Atlantis ads everywhere!!!

Team Atlantis helps our members to grow a legitimate online business with something that they need any how. It only makes sense to join TrafficWave via Team Atlantis!

Here are just some of the main reasons people choose to use the Trafficwave autoresponder service in their business:

/Benefit One) They are able to build an email list as big as they want and they are only charged a flat rate of $17.95 per month. Almost every other autoresponder service out there charges you more as your list grows. So, no matter how big your email list gets with Trafficwave, you can count on your cost staying the same.

/Benefit Two) They can create an unlimited number of email campaigns. So, if you are promoting different offers – you can have customized email campaigns for each offer you have going out to your prospects. This allows you to send specific information to your subscribed prospects. Many autoresponder services have limits on the number of email campaigns you can have, not Trafficwave.

/Benefit Three) They can create & send out as many emails as they want from each campaign. Many autoresponders put a limit on the number of emails you can have in each campaign. Trafficwave lets you put as many emails in each campaign as you want. This is an advantage because we know most sales are made down the road with your prospects. Being able to send out an unlimited number of these email communications allows you to stay in touch with your prospect for a long time. This creates that “Know, Like, & Trust” factor that allows you to get more sign-ups and/or more sales.

(Reason/Benefit Four) They can create unlimited ad tracking links for each link that they are promoting. This is such a great advantage over many autoresponders, because many do not offer this feature. With Trafficwave you can track each link you’re advertising on the Internet. This allows you to keep stats on what advertising sources are giving you the best results.

Now, there are many more reasons/benefits for why people sign-up for Trafficwave’s Autoresponder service. The 4 reasons/benefits above are huge factors for why people sign-up, but this next reason is big for Team Atlantis because we take advantage of the fact that people need an autoresponder in their business anyway.

*To see more reasons/benefits Trafficwave offers click on the link below...

This next reason/benefit is my favorite reason… They can build a downline that pays them, RESIDUALLY, to use a service they need in their business. It’s almost like having the option to get paid to have electricity in your home. You need it anyway, but you have the option to get paid from it just by referring others to use it too.

This is where Team Atlantis comes in...

Didi Wargo is the Leader of Team Atlantis - She also happens to be the #1 Earner in Trafficwave! This is such a huge accomplishment for her and further reinforces our claim as being the #1 Trafficwave Team on the Internet!

Team Atlantis Guarantees to place 3 "Paid Sign-ups" in your Trafficwave downline. Then, Team Atlantis guarantees to place 3 "Paid Sign-ups" in each of those 3 people’s downline, and this goes on and on. But, once you get your 3 people, you are placed into graduated (Tidal Wave & Tsunami) Team Rotators that will send you even more "PAID" Trafficwave sign-ups, giving you even more Downline Members, Fast-Start Bonuses and Leadership Bonuses. Your Trafficwave downline building is basically on auto-pilot at this point.

Now, there is a requirement for all Team Atlantis members to advertise the "Team Link".

Here's the team link that was assigned to me...

I was also given a personal link to advertise to get direct sign-ups to me, but still advertising the "Team Atlantis" brand. It's a Win/Win!

Here's my personal link...

Each Team Atlantis member is required to get 1000 visits a week to the team link and as many as you want to your personal link. But, this is all pretty easy to do because at we show you how to get free traffic to your team link & personal link. This is the main reason why you see so many Team Atlantis advertisements. Our system is so simple and we show you how and where to do what we ALL are doing to advertise.

(TIP: You can use what you've learned to generate traffic for your other programs/offers!)

So, now you know what Team Atlantis does and why we are so popular. Team Atlantis gets results, because our team members get results.

Now that you know how everything works with Team Atlantis you have a pretty easy decision to make – Sign-up! Get your Trafficwave Autoresponder Service and start advertising our team link and your personal link. And, if you’re like I was – I already had a Trafficwave account, but I started a new Trafficwave account and I transferred everything over from my old Trafficwave account to my new one with Team Atlantis and let all of my subscribers know that I was getting a new account - you can do the same thing!

So, if you’re ready to get your Trafficwave Autoresponder Service or start up a new Traffcwave account,
click on the banner advertisement below to get your Trafficwave account!

*Remember, sign-up as a "Paid" Trafficwave Member. We guarantee everyone that joins Trafficwave thru Team Atlantis receives Paid Members! You will also receive Paid Members!

Click on the Banner below to sign-up...

Then, just shoot me an email at or text my phone at 904.428.8040 - In the subject line of the email or text put... "Gerald, I just signed-up for Trafficwave with Team Atlantis!". This way I can get your details over to Didi so that you can get set-up with your Team Link & Personal Link and instructions on what to do to start advertising!

If you still have questions, just use the contact information above.

I look forward to hearing from you either way.

To your success -

Gerald Walker Jr.
Team Atlantis Member