As Promised...
You're about to learn how to get some very Super-Targeted/Qualified Leads to expose your business to! I've also included Phone Scripts & Email Scripts to make this task duplicatable and simple to perform - giving you the highest chance for success when communicating with these leads.

Step #1 - Getting Your SUPER-Targeted Leads...

There are two techniques for getting leads that I'm going to go over, but once you get the concept down you can take it and apply it elsewhere!

So, where do we get these SUPER-Targeted Leads?

Well, lets talk about that for a minute. Who are the people we want looking at OUR business opportunities? Of course we would like everyone to look, but not everyone is qualified. By that, I mean they have not embraced this industry like we have. They're not learning to write ads, generate traffic, joining business opportunities and so on.

I always try to bypass the so called "Tire-Kickers" and go straight to the "Action Takers". These are the people that Believe they can earn a living from home and take the desired actions that we want from people looking at our businesses. The actions these people are taking involve purchasing training courses & mentoring, business tools & services, business opportunities and so on.

These people are already sold. We just need to find them and communicate with them about our offer.

Now then, lets get those leads! The first technique is using
Google's search engine. We want to go to and type in a search term. I'm going to use an example to further illustrate this.

EXAMPLE: This search term I used is for people who have signed up for and are using the Instant Sales System. This is a Lead Funnel System that people are using to capture leads. Well, those people fit into the description of the people we want to target. The search term I typed into the Google search bar looked like this...

instant sales system "this site belongs to"

I typed out the name of the business service and I put
"this site belongs to" in quotes because I wanted the specific information that follows it to show up on the Google search page. The search page looks like this...

  photo Freebieinfo-img_zpsbf705cfd.gif

When you scroll down this page you will see names and phone numbers. If you actually click on each link and go to each page you can even get their email addresses too!

So, that is the 1st way to get free leads.

The 2nd way involves going to - this a Free Classified Ads site and it has a very high Alexa ranking due to its high monthly traffic. A lot of people go here to view ads, but a lot of people go here to post their ads too. The people posting their ads here are the people we want to contact.

Go to and choose a "State & City". It doesn't really matter which state or city, but I personally choose the states & cities that have a lot of monthly traffic flow. You can determine that at Once you choose your state & city go over to "Services" and click on "Biz Opps".

 photo Freebieinfo-img2_zps441277af.gif

You'll come to a page where hundreds of "Ad Posters" have placed their ads for that state & city.

 photo Freebieinfo-img3_zpsb99ce5d5.gif

These ad posters want people to contact them about their business. We want to contact them about their business, but we want to show them how we can help them make more money with their business. Your business opportunity could be the answer for them, but I like sharing business training, business tools, and business services with these people. When you are offering to help someone with their business it helps to drop their guard a bit and to listen to what you have to offer.

The whole goal with these lead gathering techniques is to BUILD YOUR LIST and communicate with them over time to get Sign-ups & make Sales!

So, the way we contact these leads is to click on each ad and look right underneath the "Ad Title", where it says - Reply: click here - We want to click on that link and reply to the ad. You can also look for an email address or phone number in these ads. Just gather as much info as you can and keep moving!

Now that you have an understanding of these techniques you can start to think about how to use them on other search engines or classified ad sites. You can choose another business opportunity to search for leads with or go to other classified sites and respond to ads to communicate with the ad posters. The point is... these are leads that are doing the things we want people, who we invite to look at what we have to offer, to be doing.

Next, is contacting these leads...

Step #2 - Contacting Your Leads...

When you contact these leads you don't want to be shoving your business opportunity down their throats by explaining Compensation Plans, or giving them a detailed rundown of the Product Or Service, etc. Our sole-purpose for contacting these leads is to get a "Yes" or a "No" and that's it. It's either a yes or a no to the question of whether they will take a look at our Online Video Presentation or call our 1-800 Recorded Sizzle Call. We want the tools in our businesses to do all of the selling for us. Your job is to put as many people in front of your business opportunity's selling tools as possible. Our job is actually very easy when you simplify it like this!

Now, you will be "Calling" and "Emailing" these leads. I'm about to provide a script for both, but I want to say this... For those of you who are already cringing at the idea of calling people - you're in the wrong business. The people that are HIGHLY Successful in this industry are the people who will pick up the phone and call leads. You will build your business BIGGER & FASTER by calling leads. Its like anything else you've done in life... It starts out hard and/or uncomfortable, but when you do it over and over and over - it becomes easier and easier and easier.

So here is a script I use and it works pretty good for me. It's not long, it's straight to the point, and all I want for an outcome is a yes or a no. My expectations aren't to have someone join my business or purchase something from me right away. I just want as many people watching my video presentations or listening to my sizzle calls - and that's it. My sales tools will do the hard work. Again, all I want is a yes or no answer from my lead - EASY!

********* "THE PHONE SCRIPT" *********

- Hello...

- This is (YOUR NAME) in (YOUR CITY & STATE).

- I saw your (website, classified ad you placed, etc) on (Where you saw it) about your home business. I also work from home too by the way.
(You will have to slightly adjust this to match the “What & Where” of how you found your lead's information.)

- I did have a quick question I wanted to ask you - do you have a minute?
(If they say anything other than NO, you keep going - if they say no, kindly thank them for their time and hang-up to get to your next call.)

- If I could honestly show you how to earn an extra hundred dollars a day to several thousand dollars monthly without it interfering with the home business you're involved with now, would that be worth a few minutes of your time?
(If they say anything other than NO, you keep going - if they say no, kindly thank them for their time and hang-up to get to your next call.)

- Great
(LEAD'S NAME), grab a pen and paper - I need to give you some quick information and I'll get out of your hair. (Remember, you are in control of this call and to never let them gain control. You are not calling to answer questions. You ONLY want to provide them with a website or phone number - period. This call should last no more then a minute!)

- Okay, write this (website or phone number) down
(LEAD'S NAME)... (Give them a short web address or a phone number to write down)

- Great, there is a (quick video on the website, quick recorded message at the number) that will explain everything to you. Write my number down too
(LEAD'S NAME) - it's (YOUR 10-DIGIT PHONE NUMBER) and again my name is (YOUR NAME).

(LEAD'S NAME), When do you think you'll be able to (watch the video or call the sizzle number)? (There is a log sheet, in Word format, that you can download below to help track all of this information)

- Great, and listen
(LEAD'S NAME) if you have any questions feel free to give me a call. I promise I won't sell you or pressure you at all - nothing like that. I'll just help you get your questions answered okay?

- Well great
(LEAD'S NAME), listen God bless and have a great day.

********* END OF "THE PHONE SCRIPT" *********

Don't change up this script, except for the green highlighted areas that require your information. The script is wrote up this way for Simplicity & Effectiveness on both ends. It is simple for you to remember and to get good at delivering it, and it is effective with the leads because it is simple to understand and we are offering a way to help them with their businesses. This script should only take a minute to deliver - when you get good with it, even less time than that!

***Write down the time, day, and date you called. Also, write down the
time, day, and/or date they said they would look at or listen to your information. I have provided a log sheet below for you to download and use too.

For the leads we are replying to by email about the ad they posted we will use yet another simple and effective script. When you send this email you will get calls back and when you get those calls you will use your phone script above for that call with a slight adjustment (All of the scripts you need are available for download below).

Do not change this email script. Leave it the way it is. Do not capitalize anything, do not format it to fit within 68 characters per line, do not do anything. I think I will let you figure out why we do this:)

Now, you're going to get calls from this email message or the lead might just reply back to your email. If they call you back, follow the instructions below.

If they don't call you back and just send an email reply, just reply back and ask them if they would send a phone number for you to call them back on - then use the phone script.

When the lead is calling you back - you want to start from this point in the script and use the adjusted script...

"I did have a quick question I wanted to ask you do you have a minute?"

*There is a script below that you can download for when the lead calls you

"THE EMAIL SCRIPT" *********

Subject line:
saw your (What: Ad or Biz Opp @ Where: Website Location) please call me.

Email Body:
i saw your (
What: Ad or Biz Opp @ Where: Website Location) (time of day you were performing your lead gathering techniques - last night, yesterday morning, etc) and i had some questions about your business.
please call me at (YOUR 10-DIGIT PHONE NUMBER)


********* END OF "THE EMAIL SCRIPT" *********

*********EXAMPLE OF "THE EMAIL SCRIPT" *********

Subject line:
saw your ad on backpage about amway please call me.

Email Body:
i saw your 
ad on backpage about amway and i had some questions about your business.
please call me at 904.428.8040

thanks, Gerald




- Oh yeah (LEAD'S NAME), the reason I filled out your contact form is because I'm also in a home business and I wanted to ask you a quick question - do you have a minute?


Then, you move through the script as it is laid out after that.

Step #3 - Following Up With Your Leads...

Getting back in touch with your lead is an important part of this whole process because this is where the desired action you want your lead to make takes place. There is no lengthy script with this part of it. The question you should only be answering now is...

"How do I get started?"

But, we both know that it will not be just that easy. You'll probably have to entertain some questions. So, here is the script to use when you are following up with your lead.


- Hello (PROSPECT'S NAME), It's
(YOUR NAME) in (YOUR CITY & STATE) - awesome (video or call) wasn't it? (Don't ask them if they've watched the video or called the number - assume that they did. If they haven't watched it or listened to it give them an opportunity right then & there to watch the video or listen to the call. If they are blowing you off and/or making excuses just politely let them know that they have your number and to contact you when have viewed the video or listened to the call - Goodbye and hang up.)

- What did you like best about it

- Yeah, I liked that too. Listen
(PROSPECT'S NAME), it sounds like your ready to get started am I right?

********* END OF "THE FOLLOW-UP SCRIPT" *********

At this point, the process for signing a person up in your business or taking them to where they need to purchase your product/service is in your court and you need to have that process in place.

I want to thank you for taking time to go through this information. I hope this helps you in your business as much as it has and is helping me.

To your success -

Gerald Walker Jr.

*The "Lead Tracker", all 3 "Phone Scripts", and the "Email Script" downloads are below:

Lead Tracker - Generic.doc Lead Tracker - Generic.doc
Size : 67 Kb
Type : doc
The Phone Script - Lead Calls You.doc The Phone Script - Lead Calls You.doc
Size : 21.5 Kb
Type : doc
The Follow-Up Script.doc The Follow-Up Script.doc
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The Phone Script - Calling The Lead.doc The Phone Script - Calling The Lead.doc
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The Email Script.doc The Email Script.doc
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