$20s Daily Rapid Income System
Welcome to Coupon-Giveaway Income System!

& $20 Gas or Grocery Cards


 Get PAID $25 Commissions Over & Over! + Get FREE Gas Or Grocery Gift Cards w/ The Coupon-Giveaway Income System!

You'll receive $25 dollars every time someone uses your I.D.# with this website or with our flyer to place an order for the Grocery & Restaurant Saver Discount Package (Retail Value of $3500). Plus, you will earn Gift Cards good for Gas or Grocery Shopping.


 A Whole Lot Of Cash Is Headed Your Way!

WIN FREE BONUS Gas Or Grocery Gift Cards Ready To Use!

SPECIAL UPDATE: We will be giving away Additional Gas (or Grocery Cards)! A Lucky WINNER will be chosen with every 10 New Members that join. Plus, If you get at least one member into the program in your first 30-Days your name will be entered 3 times! NOTE: This is above and beyond the drawing information below!   

When you join your name will be entered into the drawing. You will be entered again for each member that you personally bring in (on going). Then you will be entered whenever someone you brought in earns them a $25 commission! That is three opportunities for you to WIN! Best of all this could happen for you every time we have these special drawings! Upon winning we will contact you directly. So get started now!

Get Ready To Load Your Pocket With Cash, Gas & Grocery!

Your only job is to simply get copies of the POWERFUL flyer we provide to you into the hands of others.  Or you simply get them here to this website. We will share with you ways to do so in your local market & even nationwide.) The flyer or website will do the telling and selling for you.

Every sale it makes will leave you smiling! 

Call our 24 Hour Hotline Now

@ 1-641-715-3900 Ext: 777301#

"Coupon-Giveaway Income System is a POWERFUL money making program that will AMAZE you as you receive piles of $25 payments made out to you! Your cash is GUARANTEED payable to you because it comes to you already made out in your name. Keep reading...

Many are using this very simple system to make extra money daily resulting in extra cash for bills, savings, and fun. Now it is your turn. Get started right away! Follow the easy steps below and in just a few days after we get your order you will receive your  "Coupon-Giveaway Income System" & Grocery & Restaurant Saver Discount package.

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Here Is How You Make Lots of $25 Payments !

Your Master flyer we send to you will have your name in TEAM POSITION #1. The member presently in TEAM POSITION #1 will be moved to TEAM POSITION #2. As new team members join via your flyer (or via this website) you will be paid $25 every time. And your sponsor in TEAM POSITION #2 will receive a FREE $20 Gas or Grocery Card of their Choice. Then your name will go into TEAM POSITION #2 on all your sponsored members flyers earning you multiple FREE $20 Gas or Grocery cards over & over again as they make $25 Commissions. This could result in your name being on thousands of flyers.

How Many Do You Want?

10 x $25 = $250

50 x $25 = $1250

500 x $25 = $12,250

and on and on...


Earn FREE Gas or Grocery Gift Cards!

FREE Gas and Groceries Coming Your Way! Best of all there is no time limit!

Get Started Now! Follow the instructions. Your Savings & Marketing package will be in your hands in days.

Step 1 - Purchase 2 Money Orders (One for $25.00 & one for $54.00) Make the $25 payable to the team member #1 on your flyer or postcard. Make out the $54.00 to Gerald Walker (Program Coordinator) . Or get started w/ credit/debit card. Just CLICK HERE NOW To Join!

Step 2 - Fill out the form on the flyer with your information. Then forward all payments (securely in envelope) and the flyer to

Gerald Walker Jr.

REMEMBER - You can also get started via our secured online webform. Just CLICK any image here on the site. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR REFFERING TEAM MEMBERS' NAMES. That information is found on the flyer, ad or postcard you saw.

Your Package Will Arrive In a Few Days (A $3000+ Value)

It will Include

 Your Master Copy Flyer of This Opportunity w/ Your Cover Letter

  • Tips & Tools to use to promote this program locally & nationally
  • Unlimited use of this website & the 24 hour Presentation Line
  • $1000 in Savings on Grocery & Restaurant Dining of your choice
  • Three (3) Certificates for FREE Hotel Getaways in over 25 Travel Destinations
  • SPECIAL REPORT; "10 Steps To Improve Your Financial Situation"
  • Plus More...

 CLICK HERE or "Sign Up Now" Image To Get Started Now!


Disclaimer - All sales are final due to immediate payout of commissions to members. We are not guaranteeing any income to anyone for we do not know your work skills, efforts, abilities and desires.

You are not an employee of the $20s Daily Rapid Income System, Rapid Pay Income Systems or Calvin Hendricks. You are joining this program with the understanding that you are an independant contractor. You are 100% responsible for your income reporting and tax responsiblities.