So... you’re looking to earn money from home - Great Move! I’ve been doing it for about 5 years now and currently the most I've ever made from home in one month is $14,000!

Not bad right?

But, I didn't hit the ground running making that kind of money. I started out trying to learn different ways to make money online. I was making $20 bucks here, another $50 bucks there - but, I could never really keep it consistent.

So, I asked myself "How Can I Make Money Online?"

So, I started looking to improve my results. I continued to buy all kinds of training, even bought into other business opportunities that promised they had a system for me to be successful with.

At one point, I became an "Opportunity Junkie"! I was buying everything that came my way.

I can admit that I failed to apply most of the training I spent money on and I failed to utilize a lot of the different systems in the business opportunities I joined. I will shoulder 50% of the blame. I could have been a better student and I could have spent more time studying the different systems in each of the business opportunities I got involved in.

It's My Fault
(As Usual)

But, here is the other half of the story... The training and the different systems I bought into were just too confusing or complicated for me! I got so much information thrown at me sometimes that I was just overwhelmed and gave up!

So, I decided I was going to make working from home as simple as possible... I was going to make it Too Damn Simple!

First, I researched and determined what one thing I needed to be doing on a daily basis... The answer was - ADVERTISING. I needed to be advertising whatever Biz Opp, Product or Service I wanted to make money with - simple as that.

Second, I needed an income vehicle (a business opportunity, product or service) that was simple to understand. I had to be 100% clear about what I was selling and how much I would be paid for it - again, Simple.

But, here's the thing I realized about most of the people looking to work at home...

Most people looking to work from home don't start a home business because they are excited about pushing diet pills, health drinks, lotions, potions, water filters, phone cards, ebooks or ANY of that stuff. THESE PEOPLE JUST WANT TO MAKE MONEY!

Most people don't want to be holding home meetings, walking around talking to strangers, cold calling people, paying for expensive mailings, paying to learn complicated marketing systems/techniques, none of that. THEY WANT SOMETHING THAT IS SIMPLE TO DO AND DOESN'T TAKE A LOT OF TIME AND MONEY TO DO IT.

Let's fast-forward to today and go...

I have a "System" in place that is just Too Damn Simple!

All a system is - is a series of steps with a predictable outcome.

I knew that if I advertised, on a daily basis, I would get people to respond and look at what I was offering - again, Simple.

I have system that sends QUALIFIED PEOPLE to me ready to get started in my business. They are interested in my business and they are contacting me first! I just make sure they have everything they need to get started - that's it!

I know. It’s strange right? You’re probably asking yourself “Why do other programs make working from home seem so difficult?” I honestly don't know the answer to that.

Here's what I do know... thousands and thousands of work at home people are using this simple concept of advertising with frequency and are making a fortune from home everyday!

Now, I use an advertising source that is FREE and gets Millions of visitors DAILY. There's more you can do to scale up your advertising activities, but once you're earning good money from home you can hire experts or pay for services that can implement those things in your business - that's what the Guru's do!

But, before you get all excited and start jumping up & down, running around your house, acting like a kid on Christmas (People tend to do that when they get excited)...


I want you to realize that there are a lot of people who are trying to earn money from home, but around 97% of them are failing!

So, don’t be fooled by the word "Simple" - I've made things simple, but you have to work! Your advertisements aren't going to magically get sent out. People aren't going mysteriously find you're advertisements and buy what you're offering.

You just need to be able to copy/duplicate what we are doing. 1) Join the program we are ALL advertising and 2) advertise where we ALL advertise - again, Simple!

There are people using this same system right now who are earning $12,000 a month - $30,000 a month - and even Six-Figures a month. I’m not trying to entice you with those numbers to get you to respond. I'm just trying to encourage you to take steps and give yourself an opportunity to do the same.

At this point, I feel and you should feel that I've earned the right to ask you to fill in the form below to get ALL of the details about my business - Where & What I'm advertising. I’ll show you everything first hand, then you can make your own decision.

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Gerald W.