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The following content list is everything you are getting with this "Classified Ad Posting System" further below


Section 1: The "Ad Posting System For Posting Hundreds Of Ads On" (Folder System)

Section 2: How to Create Your Own Unique Image Ads (Free Software - Download Link Included)

Section 3: How To Create Hundreds Of The Same Image Ads To Post On (Video Training)

Section 4: Free Website Platform (

Section 5: 3 Must Do's So Your Ads Don't Get Ghosted On (Video & Text document Download)

Section 6: Headline Creation System (Creating a video for this) (Text document Download)

Section 7: The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written (Text document Download)

Section 8: 40+ Awesome Ideas For Creating Your Next Headline (Text document Download)

Section 9: Simple Ad Writing Formula (Text document Download)

Section 10: 17 Reasons Why People Buy (Text document Download)

Additional Information: This will continue to grow as I learn new stuff and get input from other resellers - Thanks!



Here's the link to the Quick Start Instructions - CLICK HERE


Section 1:
The video below explains setting up the "Classified Ad Posting System - Folder Set-up" for your advertising campaigns for posting ads on Classified Ad sites like You can set-up "New Campaign" folders for each business opportunity you are involved in, but I recommend just creating one main "Campaign" folder and just post your different ads for each business opportunity you're involved in. What I do is set-up another "Campaign" folder for a business I want to put a lot of focus into - as far as advertising it on Classified Ad sites like To save the files below just right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

*Hey Guys, a lot of the training here references only because that is where I focus a lot of my advertising. However, this system is an "Organizational System" that will work on ANY Classified Ads website. This system allows you to put together a system that organizes your daily ad postings so you are working efficient and massively posting ads.



How to place your "Img Ad Links" and your "Biz Opp Links" into the HTML Code

Batch X - Description Of Img Src Link.txt Batch X - Description Of Img Src Link.txt
Size : 5.41 Kb
Type : txt
BackPage Logins.txt BackPage Logins.txt
Size : 1.399 Kb
Type : txt
Day X.txt Day X.txt
Size : 14.981 Kb
Type : txt


Section 2:

I have a video in the works to show you "How to Create Your Own Unique Image Ads" to post on Classified Ad sites like! I'm going to put some links here from other people who have shared how they create image ads.

Here is the link for the free software I started off with and still use to make my image ads - click here

In the meantime, there are image ads below ready for you to use! Just right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download the image ads.


Download Image Ads Below...

Image Ad1.gif Image Ad1.gif
Size : 40.748 Kb
Type : gif
Porsche On The Street Ad.jpg Porsche On The Street Ad.jpg
Size : 193.334 Kb
Type : jpg
Beach Inlet Ad.jpg Beach Inlet Ad.jpg
Size : 235.339 Kb
Type : jpg
Its Time - 750x450.jpg Its Time - 750x450.jpg
Size : 170.204 Kb
Type : jpg
Make Money From Home.jpg Make Money From Home.jpg
Size : 291.363 Kb
Type : jpg


Section 3:

This video below will show you "How To Create Hundreds Of The Same Image Ads To Post On" so you can post it numerous times without getting ghosted or flagged!



Section 4:

If you plan to become a reseller you need to set-up your own website to advertise and take orders. You can just "Save" the images from the website you purchased this system from. Just right-click on the images with you mouse and "Save Image As" to a folder on your computer.

So, where can you get a website & domain? Well, you have plenty of choices, but...

I recommend Yola to get your website & domain name.
You can literally have a website up and running in minutes! And it’s Free! You can purchase a domain name thru Yola or you can use a free sub-domain they give you. There are dozens of tools available for you to create a very unique website. Later, you can upgrade your account to add even more functionality to your website!

(Click on the image above to go to

If you would like me to set-up your website to advertise and take orders just click on the PayPal payment button below. It's only $20 bucks - I will send you instructions on what information I need from you to set up your customized website.

Website Build

$ 20.00 USD

Reseller Website for the Classified Ads Posting System


To build your website I need you to set-up a few things...

1) Go to and set-up a free account. This is the service
I use to build the websites and host them. (This is 100% FREE)

2) Choose the different payment methods you're going to use and let me
know what they are. Having one payment form will work, but giving people
different options to pay you helps. I use PayPal & Cash/Money Order by Mail.

3) Provide me with the contact information you want on your website. At a
minimum I would recommend FULL NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS. Having a
PHONE NUMBER does increase your conversions! People just like to know
they can get a hold of someone.

Give me 24 to 48 hours to get it done for you.

Thanks again!


Section 5:

There are "3 Must Do's So Your Ads Don't Get Ghosted On" - I'm going to list them out below and point to the training video or document that addresses it.

1. Create Unique Headlines - When you are posting hundreds of ads daily or weekly it is easy to run out of headlines if you don't have a system in place to create them. Sections 6, 7 and 8 of this website will help you create all the headlines you will ever need to keep up with the hundreds of ads you will be posting.

2. Create Unique Ad Bodies - Writing and spinning new content for you ad bodies can be a real pain in the butt! If you use image ads and follow the directions in the video in Section 3 for
"How To Create Hundreds Of The Same Image Ads To Post On" you will never have an issue with creating unique ad bodies again.

3. Create Unique Links - This is the 3rd thing that has to be done and can be challenging. This is the call to action - you are either sending someone to a website link or you are giving them an email address. You can handle this a couple of ways:

  • You can create 12 Gmail addresses for every month of the year to place in your ad bodies, but forward them to one Gmail address so you aren't having to check multiple Gmail accounts. Or you can type out the one Gmail address you use in the ad body like this - MyEmailAddress[at]Gmail[dot]com
  • You can rotate your domain names or find a service to shorten your main domain and gives you multiple shortened domain names to use in your ad bodies. Or you can type out the website address in the ad body like this - www[dot]MyWebsite[dot]com (I will create a list of link shorteners that work on - I use the method of just rotating my domain names by actually changing the sub-domain. I will create a video later to show you how I do this.)
So, now you know how to keep your ads from getting ghosted. Keep in mind that BackPage may change their protocol from time to time when it comes to why ads get ghosted. I will try to keep this part of the training updated with any changes I notice when I'm posting ads.



Section 6:

Headline Creation System

I needed a way to create a bunch of headlines that weren't the exact same headline, but said the same thing. So, I came up with this "3-Part Headline Creation System". It has really helped me out with keeping my ads from getting flagged and still giving the readers I target an attention grabbing headline!
Just right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

3 Part Headline Creation System.txt 3 Part Headline Creation System.txt
Size : 2.829 Kb
Type : txt


Section 7:

Download the pdf below to get "The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written" - this is a compilation of the greatest headlines ever written! Just right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

100GreatestHeadlinesEverWritten.pdf 100GreatestHeadlinesEverWritten.pdf
Size : 17.713 Kb
Type : pdf


Section 8:

Download the text doc. below on "40+ Awesome Ideas For Creating Your Next Headline" - you'll never run out of headline ideas for your ads! Just right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download.


Section 9:


This is the formula I use to write ads for email campaigns, classified ad campaigns, postcard campaigns, etc.

I always ask myself these two questions...

What Are We Really Selling? Ex: Is it a lead generating tool or is it a way for our prospects to get more leads and increase their customer base & sales? The latter is how we want to sell it!

Who Are We Selling To? This can be a pretty lengthy list. You need to try to narrow or target who the people are that you want to see your ad. Be sure that the “Ad Headline” grabs those people’s attention!

-- The Ad --

1. Get Their Attention... [Ad Headline] The Call-Out - What are you going to say to get their attention? You need a “Powerful Headline” to get their attention. Call out or target who you are trying to talk to and make them a compelling promise. (Example: Attention Business Owners – Learn How To Increase Your Customers & Sales By 100%!)

2. Create Curiosity… [Ad Body] What’s in it for them? - Bring up the problems/challenges they are facing in their business. People will buy products to Avoid Pain more than any other reason. You can make money by offering the answer or solution to solve someone’s Pain, Suffering or Addiction. Talk about results they can achieve with our product/service – the benefits/features.

3. Create An Irresistible Offer... [Ad Body] This is the answer to "HOW" we will fix their problems/challenges and get them their desired results. State the problem or challenge, but leave out the details to the answer of “How” – this gives them a reason to take action.

4. Qualify Them… [Ad Body] If you are trying to get someone to join your business this is a way to pre-qualify people. Let them know what they need to work with you! (Example: All you need is a Computer and Internet Access to work with us.)

5. Call To Action... [Ad Body] Tell them how to get more information – your website and/or your contact phone # and/or email address.

(Example: To get more information go to…

6. Testing… [Tracking Results] Find out if your ads are working. Testing is more involved than I can get into here, but just using a tracking link can help you with part of the testing. I will provide more training on that later on down the road. For now, just post the ads we give you and you will get results!

This can really help you to become really efficient and effective at writing ads!


Section 10:

Download the text doc. below on "17 Reasons Why People Buy" - This will give you great insight as to why people make their decision to buy things! Just right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

17 Reasons Why People Buy.txt 17 Reasons Why People Buy.txt
Size : 11.835 Kb
Type : txt


Additional Information:


What An Ad Posting Session Looks like...

Hey Guys, I just wanted to do a video to show exactly what I'm doing as I'm posting ads. Nothing complicated - and for those of you who have never posted ads on BackPage this will show you how easy it is. I also, have a kind of "Cheat Sheet" that helps me to be more efficient when I post my ads. Here's the video...