Welcome To Gerald Walker's...

 Downline Building Network (DBN)!

You should have received your Welcome Packet by now. One of the first questions that I get asked is... Now What? The first thing that you need to do is read the packet (again - maybe even a few times after that!) and get a good understanding of the program.This program was designed to be very simple, affordable & duplicatable - You can do this easily!

>>> At this point you have 2 Options... <<<

Option #1: Do Nothing (which I don't recommend) and wait until (4) people are placed under you in your matrix. The advantage to this is that you start with a pre-built downline of other pre-enrollees. The disadvantage to this is that you Can't Make Money Waiting! The pre-enrollees placed under you who are motivated and activate their position in the matrix right away will "roll-up" (flip) to the next active upline sponsor. You lose them as downline members. DO NOT let this happen to you!

There was one member in DBN that had (57) people activate and "roll-up" while he was waiting on (4) people in his pre-built downline. DON'T be this guy!

Option #2: Activate your position. Now is the time to take action and control of your home-based business. The DBN office will still help you place (4) pre-enrollees in your downline, but you have the risk (as in option 1) of having them "roll-up". You've seen the pay chart, with as few as (20) active people you can earn $680 monthly in residual cash flow! All you have to do is mail out your postcards every month, DBN handles the rest.!

Gerald Peters has been successfully marketing online and offline for 10+ years. He has discovered (3) Income Killers. Gerald and I want to help you avoid them and start making money for a change.

#1 is the "I Have No Money" syndrome. Let's be serious, DBN members can start up with a subscription purchase as low as $30 a month for the product. We can proudly boast the lowest cost (Highly Profitable) business opportunity in America! If you are concerned with such a low cost subscription purchase you NEED this business opportunity more than anyone!

Gerald Peters talks about his personal experience with network marketing and how it saved him! In February of 2003, he lost his job at the state prison. Luckily, he had been building a home-based business in his spare-time. The residual income that he had created with his Home-Based Network Marketing Business, turned what should have been a disaster, into a blessing in disguise. No one was more broke than him when he started this business.

#2 is the "Failure to Take Action". If you don't take action, NOTHING will happen. With DBN your first action is to activate your lead subscription on the $30, $50, or $100 level before you can earn any commissions.

I encourage you to mail any postcards that you have received (Be sure to place your DBN ID# on your postcards). Mailing additional postcards or flyers that you have printed via the camera ready copies that you received puts you into the "Action Mode"!

If you have the funds to join the $20 or $40 Co-op, it's a one time payment that places you in Gerald's national magazine co-op for 4 to 6 months. In addition, you will receive 60 to 100 Hot Opportunity Seeker Leads and Promotional Postcards.

Get Active Today!

Fill-Out & Send-In the "Lead Subscription" form.

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Join the $20 or $40 Co-op.

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Mail your DBN Postcards.

#3 (and the biggie) is the "Program Jumper". Unfortunately, 95% of people reading this letter will join a program and in 1 to 3 months drop out, join another one, and do the same thing over and over. The reason that Gerald has been able to earn Six-Figures a year ($100,000+ a year after 3 years)... He sticks with what works and commits himself to building his business. That is what he has been instilling in me and the other DBN members. Too many people get discouraged when they don't make "Big" money in the first few months. Do you know of any business that is making big money after 3 months of getting started? I don't and you are silly if you think that your business is going to be any different. This business, like any other, takes time and commitment.

It's time for A Change! Start to dream again. Starting a home-based business has never been more Affordable, Simple and Duplicatable. With the economy only getting worse - NOW is the time to take action. Start preparing for the "What If's"... Don't let them catch you by surprise!

The DBN marketing strategies work!