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Dear Reader,

If you're looking to make money in 2017, then the EASY 4 System is for you!

No more guessing "How" and "If" you can make money. This program spells out exactly how you WILL make money. It gives you a specific step that is simple to do and will result in you making money. Could it get any simpler than that?

This is the one program where you can actually measure your progress and realize that you are making money without wondering if it will happen.

All you do is Mail and/or use any other form of Advertising with this program until you receive 4 responses, and YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. That is a fact!

Unlike other programs, there are virtually no quitters in EASY-4. Why? Because the cost to join eliminates the "Weak Links" that hurt so many programs. EVERYONE who enters this program is committed to get at least 4 responses, or they would not have paid the cost to join in the first place!

The money adds up really fast when you're receiving $50 for each response from hundreds of people in Phase-1. In the next phase, Phase-2, you receive payments of $100 with NO Mailing or ANY other advertising. At this point you just sit back and collect the money orders through the mail!

Oh, did I mention that there is a Phase-3 and Phase-4... and maybe even a Phase-5! The money gets really exciting in those phases!!!

So, let me repeat... The EASY-4 System spells out exactly how you will make money. No guessing or hoping. Do what the program says and you make money. Period!!!

Successful people join successful programs. One of them has brought you here... It's your move now!


Gerald Walker Jr.

P.S.: I could really kick myself for not acting sooner on this program after receiving it from so many other people promoting it. I know you have so many business offers coming to you. I chose this one because it was simple. It doesn't sell you on an impossible or attainable goal. Just advertise until you get 4 responses and that's it! EASY!!!

- - - Read our business offer below or download and print the form to read further below - - -

Exciting stuff right? What really stuck out for me is the "No Mailing" after you complete Phase-1. You do the ALL of work in the beginning at Phase-1 by getting 4 responses and you're basically done - you just cash money orders after that! Phase-2, Phase-3, Phase-4 and beyond all happen automatically!

So, now that you know how it works I'm sure you're pretty excited about getting started!

At the bottom of this web-page there is a link for you to download & print off the flyer you will need to complete and mail off to join.

To Get Started just do the following:

1. Get 5 USPS Money Orders - 1 for $25.00 and 4 for $50 totaling $225.00

Fill out the $25.00 USPS M.O. and make it payable to DM Services for the Home Business Direct Mail Kit

Fill out the four $50.00 USPS M.O.s and make them payable to the Four Names in positions #4, #3, #2 and #1 on the form you will download, print and complete.

Download, Print and Complete the Form below with your information...

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
5. Then, send the Completed Form and the 5 USPS Money Orders to:

DM Services
P.O. Box 264
Naples, FL 34106-0264

That's all there is to it - DM Services handles the rest!

You will receive your Home Business Direct Mail Kit in about 7 to 10 business days by mail.

Since everything is being done through the mail you will have to be patient with the whole process :)

Guys, this program is SO SIMPLE and it can provide you with A LOT OF MONEY!

If you have any questions please feel free to call/text or email me - Gerald (904-428-8040 or I'm not associated with DM Services in any way other than being a participant. I just like helping the people who join me in the programs I promote.

Go ahead and download the Form below to get started - Thanks!!!

EASY4System.pdf EASY4System.pdf
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